Find the digital tools that will grow revenue and scale your business helps B2B startups and small businesses build a marketing technology stack that fits their budget and supports growth.

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Digital tools and marketing technology are the answer to increased reach, pipeline and profit. Reach more prospects faster and more cost effectively with

Marketing Technology

Your next customer is already on their purchasing journey. They have a problem they need to fix or an opportunity they need to seize. The amount of information from every vendor is overwhelming. What is the solution? Who is the best vendor? Buyers are seeking their moment of clarity. The moment they decide they have found the solution they need. Is it you?

How can you ensure that when your prospect reaches their moment of clarity it’s you at the top of the shortlist? 

You have more technology and digital tools than ever to influence the buyer journey in your favour.  Finding and using these tools better than your competitors will help you win more business faster and more cost effectively. 

Find the right digital tools

Help your prospects reach their moment of clarity faster with is here to help B2B startups and small businesses just like yours to use the technology of sales and marketing to deliver moments of clarity. These are the moments where your prospecs understand their need, understand your offer and reach a moment of clarity that positions you as the vendor of choice. 

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Discover the tactics that work and digital tools that deliver

Advertising & Promotion

Marketing tactics that will promote your business and the digital tools that will help.

  • Attract visitors from search & social using advertising and sponsored content.
  • Learn the best practice tactics and tips to fuel growth
  • Discover the digital tools that will help you make the most of your budget.

Content Strategy, Production & Marketing

See how you can produce great content that fits a content strategy and genuinely helps your audience. 

  • Create create content that adds value and deliver it to your audience. 
  • Find the road tested tactics that make sure your content is seen by the people that matter.
  • See how digital tools will help you produce the right content faster and distribute it at scale. 

Digital Experience & Optimization

Build great digital experiences and optimize them for your audience. 

  • Provide digital experiences that meet your business goals and customer expectations.  
  • Explore practical examples of how you could optimize what you have today and boost ROI. 
  • Find the tools that deliver great digital experiences and those that will help you improve what you already have.

Social Media & Relationship Marketing

Find an audience and build relationships that support the buyer journey and beyond. 

  • Build relationships that last with prospects that matter. 
  • Social is just one part of the puzzle. Learn how relationship marketing and sales should be done. 
  • Prospect, connect, engage and convert. These are the digital tools you need.

Data, Analytics & Insights

Market, measure, learn and optimize. Generate actionable insights from data.

  • Look beyond the numbers and generate actionable insights.  
  • Learn to identify the signal in the noise and make data backed decisions. 
  • These tools will help you collect, distill and act on insights that will have an impact on your bottom line.

Need help building your lead generation funnel?

Marketing tools

Lead generation funnel with FullerFunnels

Does your business need more leads? FullerFunnels are marketing and sales funnels designed for small to medium B2Bs that need more or better quality leads. Explore our FullerFunnels automated lead generation funnels and see how you could get your own. puts a practical lense on the technology of sales and marketing

Hello I’m Kaya. Founder of and your Marketing Technologist. Most businesses recognise the need to invest in the technology of marketing but rarely have an expert on hand to help them find the tools that work. is here to help businesses just like yours.   More than rating and reviewing sales and marketing tools. At Digitally I’ll show you how to combine digital marketing tactics with the technology of marketing to generate tangible results. 

Why trust me to advise you on the technology of marketing?

I’ve spent two decades working in B2B digital marketing and using marketing tools and technology to gain a competitive advantage.  I’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Vodafone, FTSE 100 companies and small to medium businesses. I’ve created awareness, demand and generated pipeline using marketing technology to scale my efforts.

The long read:

 Learn more about digital tools and using them in your business

Marketing, sales, and support are now digital. There is no getting away from it. For businesses, it’s much cheaper to invest in digital tools that will increase efficiency and quality rather than find new headcount to do a similar job. There are many tools that should be part of your marketing technology (martech) stack. Your marketing team needs to know what’s working and what isn’t, sales need to find new ways of building relationships and customers expect to be supported through digital channels. 

How can digital tools help in B2B marketing?

Pressures on marketing are increasing, we need to find ways of being more productive and increasing marketing ROI. Our customers are encountering our business across dozens of channels and platforms. Despite the increase in demand, marketing teams aren’t growing, so we need to do more with the resources we have. Having the right Martech stack is the only way any business can hope to survive. 

The benefits of having the right technology include:

  • Consistency – maintain consistency across multiple channels. For example, using a tool to manage social media helps broadcast messages consistently across all channels.
  • Quality –  increase the quality of output, as long as they are used properly. For example, email marketing tools will often allow you to check how your emails appear and how likely it is to get through spam filters.
  • Productivity –  increase productivity because they help us streamline our work. For example, landing page tools support branded templates avoiding the need to re-create entire pages every time.
  • Customer experience – improve the experience of prospects and customers. For example, by using the right tools we can personalize the experience our prospects and customers have on our websites ensuring it fits their needs better.
  • ROI – increase the returns on market activity because they allow us to automate many repetitive tasks.  For example, a marketing automation tool can automatically nurture prospects across the sales journey, avoiding the need to set time aside to send emails individually.

Does my business need marketing technology?

Businesses now operate in a digital world and it’s impossible to succeed without using the right technology and using it better than your competitors. It’s not just about buying more tools and investing in the next shiny object, you need to actually leverage these investments in a smarter way than your competitors. Your competitors are buying the same solutions, can help you use those investments better. 

Why aren’t businesses making the most of their Martech investments?

  • Awareness – there is a lack of awareness of the many tools available. There are potentially hundreds of tools to fit every need.
  • Cost –  the assumption is often that digital tools are expensive and that the most expensive tools are the best, neither of which are true.
  • Integration – digital tools need to be integrated to yield the most benefit. For example, integrating your website with your web analytics tool. This integration becomes daunting for many businesses.
  • Skills – while it’s true digital tools need a level of expertise many are designed with the novice user in mind and even for the more complex tools there is often an onboarding journey.
  • Wrong tools – by far the most common issue digital tools is that teams invest in the wrong tools and then fail to use them. There are many tools that perform similar jobs, but businesses need to find the right fit for them and that’s often not the most expensive one available.

The importance of marketing technology for B2B businesses 

B2B businesses often deal with complex sales that take months, if not years. Purchases are made by teams of experts who are comparing every aspect of your offer to that of your competitors. The B2B buyer journey is also changing rapidly. Buyers are doing their own research and contacting vendors much later. Buyers are fully leveraging B2B technology to gain a winning hand. Among the many other benefits, marketing technology (MarTech) helps B2B businesses support the complex customer journey. Digital tools can help you engage with prospects earlier, offer more value and build closer relationships with decision makers.

Can small businesses benefit from marketing technology?

Having the right digital digital tools may sound like something that doesn’t matter to the small B2B business trying to grind out leads, but in fact, it’s more important to the small business than any other. Imagine for example having a tool that manages your sales funnel in the background so you can focus on closing leads. Such tools exist and they are more beneficial to the SME with small or no marketing team than it is to a large corporate.For the small business digital tools are often about saving time and becoming more effective. Many small businesses don’t have a marketing team, it may instead be the founder responsible for marketing besides many other duties. So it’s crucial that a small business is able to optimize productivity and use B2B technology to support growth. You could use Martech in your small business for:

  • Social media automation. Making it easier to post content across multiple channels.
  • Content discovery . Save time by leveraging content that is already generating engagement.
  • Landing pages. Point people at relevant pages, created using easy-to-use page creators.
  • Sales funnels. Take prospects on a journey from landing page through to sales engagement, with no manual intervention.

How would a large enterprise use marketing technology?

Large enterprises also need to be effective with their time, however, there is often someone with specific responsibility for delivering certain tasks. Unlike the small business, someone managing social media wouldn’t also set up emails. In large businesses, the challenge is responding with agility and providing a personalized experience for prospects and customers. Small businesses enjoy being close to the customer, large enterprises are often detached and the customer may feel they are dealing with a faceless organization. Example use cases for digital tools in large businesses include:

  •  Personalization. Making your website more relevant to individual and visitors.
  • Support. Cutting costs and improving the quality of customer support.
  • Marketing automation. Improving the lead pipeline through lead scoring and nurture.

Digital tools, sales tools and marketing technology are nothing new. However, it’s amazing the number of organizations that invest in the wrong tool. The tool they buy is often great, it can do the job. The problem is it’s the wrong fit for the organization. Investing the right technology can transform your marketing, investing in the wrong ones can drain both money and time.