Online Advertising and Paid PromotionTactics & Tools

Advertising and promotion are paid tactics you might use to promote your business online. It includes search or social advertising, in app advertising and even digital billboards. As a marketer or business owner you have plenty of options for reaching your audience. Online advertising makes it easier than ever before to target your audience based on hundreds of criteria from where they live to what they say online. You can target a single business or an entire industry, your options are almost limitless. Discover the digital advertising tools and tactics at your disposal. 

Online advertising tools & tactics

Use these tools to make it easier to advertise online and promote your business to other companies. 

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Discover advertising tactics to reach your audience

Search Engine Advertising

Improve your search engine visibility with B2B search engine advertising and only pay per click. Get on the Google search results, show your ads and point traffic to your lead generating pages. 

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a paid  marketing tactic where you pay to extend your social reach beyond your organic following.