What is Google AdWords and why does it matter to B2B marketers?

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is Google’s ad platform, allowing you to advertise on Google search, Google products, and sites that run Google ads known. In this article, we’ll answer the question ”What is Google AdWords?‘ and introduce how your business could use it.

Using AdWords B2B business can:

  • Show paid ads in the Google search results and third party websites. 
  • checkPay per click (PPC), not per impression.
  • checkPoint traffic to specific pages, optimized for conversions.  

Why does AdWords matter to B2B marketers?

“Do you have a webinar coming up that needs more registrations? A white paper that isn’t getting the visibility it  deserves? B2B marketers can use Google AdWords to attract an audience based on a range of search terms. ”

-Kaya, Your B2B Digital Marketing Coach –

How can AdWords help your B2B?

What is Google Adwords?

  • As a B2B marketer I’m sure you have already heard of Google AdWords, but is it part of your marketing toolkit? It’s surprising how many marketing teams don’t use AdWords or use it incorrectly.
  • Google AdWords is an advertising platform. If you want to advertise on the Google search results you would use Google AdWords.
  • AdWords isn’t limited to search ads alone, Gmail, YouTube and almost every Google product carries AdWords ads.
  • AdWords also allows marketers to advertise on third-party sites. There are millions of sites that show Google ads on the Google display network called Google AdSense.
  • Google AdWords follows a PPC (Pay Per Click) payment model. Advertisers pay for clicks not impressions.
  • Advertisers control spend by setting the maximum they are willing to pay (bid) for each click and a daily budget.
  • Google AdWords is not a just an ad auction system, although the bid has the greatest influence. Google awards ads a Quality Score which influenced by the quality of the landing page, quality of ads and account history.

10 reason you need to be thinking about Google AdWords for B2B marketing

  1. B2B sales journeys begin with a search. AdWords gives your business access to prospects early in the sales journey.
  2. Paid ads through Google can help you reach new audiences.
  3. Advanced targeting means that your reach remains relevant.
  4. SEO takes time, with AdWords you can start showing ads within a few hours.
  5. Google AdWords gives B2B advertisers control over their budget.
  6. AdWords is highly measurable. You have the opportunity to track from click to conversion.
  7. Showing Google ads significantly increases visibility of your solutions and builds brand awareness.
  8. With Google AdWords, ads aren’t limited to search, but can be shown on a range of Google properties.
  9. With AdWords you can target visitors who come to your site but leave without taking action. This is called remarketing.
  10. Ads can send visitors to optimized landing pages, designed to convert visitors.

AdWords allows you to show ads to B2B buyers

AdWords allows you to show ads to B2B buyers

Every B2B buyer journey begins with a search. The search can be a business problem such as “increase website speed” or it could be for a specific product “Cisco Akamai”. AdWords allows B2B vendors to show ads to these prospects based on their search terms and other targeting filters.

AdWords gives your business the ability to reach new audiences

With Google AdWords you can reach 90% of internet users. If your prospects are searching, browsing, checking their emails or watching videos, then you can advertise to them.

Target your ads to a relevant audience

AdWords allows you to massively increase reach, but this reach is targeted, ads can be limited to search terms, geographic regions, times, and specific websites, you can even target based on email addresses or only show ads to people who have already visited your website. The more targeted your advertising the greater your ROI from AdWords is likely to be.

SEO takes time, AdWords can get you live in minutes

Attracting organic traffic through SEO takes time. You need to be better than your competition, and demonstrate this to Google and other search engines.  With Google AdWords,  you can get almost instant visibility for the terms that matter  to you most.

AdWords can get you live in minutes

Google AdWords gives you control over your budget

Google AdWords gives you control over your budget

As advertisers, we often have a fixed budget that we need to stick to. Google AdWords allows us to limit how much we spend, down to a daily budget. We can limit our daily spend and how much we are willing to pay per click (PPC) for specific search terms.  This means you can pay more for terms that  are likely to convert for your business.

AdWords  is measurable

Online advertising opens up a new world of measurability giving you  a high level transparency especially when combined with Google Analytics.  Advertisers  can track from click to conversion,  and  know how much each conversion has cost them.

Google AdWords increases brand awareness

Google AdWords increases brand awareness

Using Google AdWords you can display ads  to a large audience including those who may have never considered your solution.   With AdWords you only pay per click not per impression.  This means that your ad could be shown to millions of potential customers, but you only pay when you have peaked enough interest to generate a click.

Ads  aren’t limited to search

One of the often underutilized aspects of AdWords is the ability to show ads outside search. Google AdWords allows you to show ads for your business on third-party websites that are relevant to your topic.  It’s also possible to show ads on Google products such as Gmail.

Display ads with AdWords

Retarget website visitors

follow and retarget with adwords

Every website has visitors that  leave without performing the desired action. Especially in a business-to-business context, every website visitor is a potential customer, influencer or  decision maker.  You can’t afford to let  website visitors go easily.   AdWords allows you to show ads to visitors who have been to your website and left without taking action, wherever those visitors go next.

Send visitors to optimized landing pages

With AdWords you have full control over the ad that is shown, including where the  visitor is sent when they click.  You could create ads by product, solution, vertical or even business need,  whatever segmentation appeals most to your audience, and then send this traffic to purpose built AdWords landing pages.

AdWords allows you to send visitors to optimized landing pages

What is Google AdWords? 

Your common questions answered

Why should I  pay for ads when my business can appear organically?

The goal of every business even remotely interested in digital marketing is to appear first for search terms relevant to them. The problem is that this is the goal of every business, making organic results highly competitive and difficult to achieve.  It can also take many months to appear in the search results naturally,  nevermind capturing those top positions. Using AdWords your business can appear almost instantly to a highly targeted audience.

Where do Google AdWords ads appear?

In a majority of instances when running a Google AdWords campaign your ads will appear either in the search results or on third-party websites. Advertisers also have options such as showing ads in other Google products, but search and third party placements are usually what we think about when we consider using the Google AdWords ad platform. Showing ads on third party websites is commonly referred to as display ads.

Within the search results AdWords ads appear at the top and bottom of the page.

Where ads are shown when using AdWords PPC.

Where ads are shown when using AdWords PPC.

How can my business start using Google AdWords?

If you are new to Google Adwords and PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising then start simple with search advertising, which is showing ads in response to search queries. To get going you’ll need to set up an account on Google Adwords.  Before setting up your account you should consider the points below:

  1. Have a budget in mind. Google AdWords can quickly get pretty expensive for competitive terms. Equally if done well it can get you on this first page results reasonably cheaply.
  2. Consider which search phrases will generate business.  As an advertiser, you can target as many phrases as you want, however, to maintain a good return on investment you should be clear about which phrases are actually going to translate into revenue and focus on these.  If your business sells software development tools then aiming to appear for the term “software”  alone probably isn’t going to be the best use of your budget.  On the other hand, showing ads in return for the search term such as ” software development tools”  is going to get you far more relevant audience.
  3.  Think about where you will send your ad traffic.  One of the main advantages of  Google AdWords is the ability to send traffic to specific pages. Take advantage of this, if someone is searching on the term ” software development tool for windows”,  then send them to page about just that.

How much does Google AdWords cost?

Google AdWords charges for search ads based on a per click basis. When setting up a campaign you will need to set a daily budget. With each click, Google will deduct an amount from your daily budget. Once your budget has run out Google will stop showing your ads, until the next day.

How far your daily budget goes depends on how much your ads cost per click. This cost can range from a few cents, all the way through to tens of dollars.

Google AdWords isn’t a straightforward bidding system. The more you pay the more likely you are to appear at the top of the ads, however, how much you need to pay will depend on multiple factors, which combined form a quality score. These factors include the quality of the pages you’re sending people to and your ads themselves.  A highly optimized account will pay less per click than a poorly optimized account and as a result, will find it much easier to cost-effectively appear at the top of the ads.

Why use Google AdWords?


Google display campaigns reach 80% of global internet users(source)


For every $1 spent, advertisers receive $8 in profit.(source)

65%of clicks

Searchers with a commercial intent are 65% more likely to click on  sponsored results.(source)

Practical view on using AdWords for B2B digital marketing

“AdWords is a paid form of marketing so it’s really important to be able to show a tangible ROI on activity. The good thing is that with AdWords you can! I recommend using AdWords to send traffic to your lead generating pages and measuring results, don’t use it for awareness activity. “


Here to help with Google Adwords for B2B

Article Summary:What is Google AdWords?

  1. Businesses can use Google AdWords to advertise on the search results, Google properties and third party websites.
  2. Google advertising gives your business targeted access to billions of Google users around the world, or in your local market.
  3.  Google Adwords uses a pay per click (PPC) model. Show as many ads as you want to build awareness but only pay when your ad peaks interest and generates a click.
  4.   Advertisers can control how much they are willing to pay per click, and their total daily spend.
  5. B2B marketers can use AdWords to send traffic to targeted landing pages, ideal for boosting lead generation.


Useful resources  and related links on Google AdWords

Useful resources  and related links on Google AdWords

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