Reach new audiences with sponsored social & social media advertising for B2B Businesses

Sponsored social and social media advertising is the use of paid advertising on social media channels. It includes boosting the visibility of organic posts and placing ads on social networks.   Unlike organic social media marketing where you’re reliant on your audience to amplify your content, using paid social media marketing B2B businesses can pay to amplify their content to an audience of their choice.

One big advantage of paid social media marketing for B2B businesses over organic marketing, is the targeting options available to the advertiser. For example, you can amplify your content to to profiles that have engaged with your competitors in the past or visited your website.  Paid social is perfect when your aim is to reach a new audience and extend your visibility beyond your own community.

Why is paid social media marketing important in B2B?

Social media marketers face it increasingly difficult to reach new audiences. You are reliant on your existing community to amplify your content. Using sponsored social and social media advertising you can significantly increase your access to new and relevant audiences with plenty of targeting options that ensure your advertising stay relevant.

Paid social media marketing tools

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Paid social media marketing tactics & tips

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Organic social media marketing is all about building a community. You can’t build a community just by broadcasting your own marketing content. You need to be relevant and give people a reason to hit follow. Ready to learn how?

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What’s the difference between  organic and paid social media marketing for B2B businesses?

Paid social media marketing and organic social media marketing have key differences, the most obvious being that with paid social media, businesses are paying for content amplification. Advertisers pay per click on the content they promote so there needs to be a clear and measurable goal.

Paid social media also referred to as sponsored social media isn’t reliant on having a wide base of existing followers for content to be seen. Businesses are paying to extend their reach to target accounts. In organic social you can’t pinpoint your target audience, but you can with paid social. You could target based on job title, job function and much more besides.

Paying for content amplification doesn’t placate the need for quality content. Advertisers need to use content that is relevant, timely and interesting to their audience if they want content to be clicked.

On average B2B businesses are on 6 social networks. How can you reach them?  

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When should you use paid social media marketing for B2B marketing?

Paid/sponsored social media marketing is great when you need to reach an audience that may not already be part of your community and in some cases to even reach your own community. Recent changes on platforms such as Facebook mean that it’s now more challenging for businesses to reach their own community of followers.  If you want to guarantee your content is seen, you should also promote content to your own community.

Organic social media marketing activity and paid social media marketing activity need to work hand-in-hand.  In a business context it’s difficult to do one without the other. Use paid social media marketing when you want to:

  • extend your reach amplifying your content beyond your existing audience.
  • target the community of your competitors.
  • market to audiences you may have engaged with your content.
  • promote content to members of specific groups and communities.
  • reach people who may have already visited your website.
  •  drive people to sales or lead generating pages.

These are just a few examples of how paid social media could be used in your B2B marketing activity

What are the different paid social media marketing targeting options?

The different social media channels have different advertising tactics on offer but they boil down to a similar set of options.

  • Target ads based on what your audience does – You can target your audience based on their actions, for example, membership to specific groups or people they follow.
  • Target ads based on what they say – You can target ads based on keywords that your audience is using.
  • Target ads based previous visits to your website – If a visitor comes to your website and leaves without taking action then you can target them them in social media. This is called remarketing
  • Target ads based on your existing audience – Referred to as lookalike audiences, see who else matches the profile of your existing audience and market to them.

Social media platforms aren’t short of targeting options and it’s often a case of experimenting to figure out what works best in your market, to reach your audience.

What are the most common forms of paid social media marketing?

All of the popular platforms from Linkedin to Reddit give advertisers an opportunity to reach their audience. Knowing who your target audience is and which social network fits their demographic is key to knowing how you can optimize your time and budget.

Facebook – The world’s largest social network. Advertisers can use promoted posts to reach their audience based on a wealth of targeting factors.

Twitter – Promoted Tweets allow you to show your content in the feeds of people you want to target. Across all the main platforms you have full control over budgets and Twitter is no exception.

LinkedIn – The home of B2B marketing and where professionals connect. LinkedIn if great for promoting your content to a business audience based on targeting options such as job title and function.

80% of B2B decision makers visit community driven sites at least once a month. Will they meet you there?

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Stats for your B2B organic social media business case

74% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn to inform their purchasing decision.(source)

78% of people who reach out to support via Twitter expect an answer within an hour.(source)

79% of marketers report an increase in site traffic after investing 6 hours a week on social media.(source)

Businesses will more than double their investment in social media over the next 5 years. How can you keep up?   

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B2B Digital Marketing Manager helping you with organic social media marketing


How I can help you with paid social media marketing?

Paid social media marketing extends your reach. If executed correctly it can give you very targeted reach. Imagine being able to see who is following your competitors, who is in their user groups. Now imagine being able to show them very specific messages to win their business. Well, all this and more is possible with paid social media advertising.