B2B Digital Briefing for 20th Feb 2018: content strategy, marketing strategy and more

Your B2B digital briefing for 20th February 2018, bringing you the most popular content for B2B marketing and sales based on what your peers are reading and sharing. In this edition learn why having a content strategy is critical for success in content marketing, about building a marketing strategy, understand the key metrics that matter for your website and much more. All here and waiting for you today at Digitally. Be informed and become a B2B digital hero. Start here, with the insights that matter.

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B2B Digital Marketing

How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy, Not a Plan

Where a lot of marketers fall short in developing a content marketing strategy is in understanding the importance of the strategy relative to tactics and plans.That all-important unifying force that s…

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This Changes Everything: How AI Is Transforming Digital Marketing

Will artificial intelligence (AI) put marketers out of work?It’s a question I’m seeing a lot lately, and to me, it’s a strange one. It’s like if everyone 150 years ago was asking: “Will the tractor pu…

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4 Crucial Considerations for Successful Branding In a Digital World

Traditional marketing certainly still has its place; billboards, print ads and commercials continue to be part of the daily marketing landscape for SMBs and Fortune companies. Today however, more and …

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B2B Sales

Restoring a Sense of Community · The Sales Blog

This post is not going to be a traditional post. It was my Sunday newsletter, and I want to share it here. Earlier this week, two police officers were shot and killed when responding to a domestic vio…

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Email Marketing & Automation

5 Automated Email Examples to Emulate

There are two types of emails I come across in my Gmail Promotions tab. The first are ones I don’t open, immediately delete, then wonder for a moment how I regrettably wound up on this list. The secon…

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6 Email Marketing Strategy Tips from the Top 280 SaaS Companies

Don’t make mistakes that others have already learned to solve; these email marketing strategy tips will give you the foundation you need to increase your conversionsThere’s nothing more frustrating th…

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Marketing Technology and Tools

A Decade of Martech: The top 10 ideas from 10 years of chiefmartec.com

Happy anniversary, dear martech readers. Ten years ago, I started chiefmartec.com, with my first post in February 2008 announcing “a blog for marketing technologists.”It was shortly followed by a riff…

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Web & Marketing Analytics

What Key Marketing Metrics Matter for Your Website?

Your website is your largest (and arguably most agile) digital asset. But how can you measure what it’s doing for you? Key marketing metrics for your website to increase ROI and revenue are covered in…

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