B2B Digital Briefing: Email marketing, ROI, customer profiles and more

Daily Briefing for B2B marketing and sales

The trending content of the last 24 hours on B2B marketing and B2B sales. These are the stories being read and shared by your peers. Today’s topics include email marketing, social media, video, ROI, B2B sales mistakes.

B2B Marketing

Making B2B marketing indispensable to the business

Only 8% of CFOs trust marketing’s ability to spend its budget wisely. Contrary to popular belief, this cannot be fixed by channel tactics or technology. It ca…

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7 Practical Building Blocks of a Strong Email Deliverability Strategy | Oracle Marketing Cloud

Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with people with many marketers still counting it as their primary channel for lead generation. In fact, there are…

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How To Measure Content Marketing To Reach Your Goals | Marketing Insider Group

Getting your content marketing analysis right isn’t just about finding out how successful your strategy is and validating it to stakeholders. It’s the only way you’ll be able to make your content mark…

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What Types of Content Get Shared on Social Media? | Study

Do content format (how-to, video, infographic, etc.), length, and domain authority correlate to more shares on Social Media? Find out: See this analysis of 100,000 content pieces.

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How To Generate Authenticity In Your Outreach Videos

If you’re thinking about using video in your sales process, like outreach videos, but aren’t sure where to start–we’re here to help you out. Video Vednesday delivers industry-leading tips right to you…

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Start, Survive and Succeed on Social Media

Start, Survive and Succeed on Social Media Guest Author Feb 27 2018 | 6 Mins Read | Level – Basic Amanda Larson Lead Marketer, TeacupFull Bio Connect with AuthorWith a public relations degree from …

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Marketers Turning to a People-Based Marketing Approach for Better ROI

When it comes to relying on probabilistic data, new research shows that marketers may be better off opting to launch people-based campaigns instead.Viant recently conducted the “Power of the People” r…

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B2B Sales

The Non-Ideal Customer Profile: How knowing who not to sell to can save your company | The Close.io Blog

Taking money from customers who aren’t really a good fit for your business will cause more harm than good. And you won’t even notice until it’s too late. Find out how defining who you should NOT sell …

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11 Mistakes That Will Make You A Desperate Salesperson | Sales Hacker

Are you a desperate salesperson? Well, if you’re making any of these 11 crippling mistakes, you most likely are. Learn how to avoid being a pathetic, desperate salesperson today!

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