Why does SEO matter for B2B websites?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing websites so they attract more traffic from organic search. In this article we answer the question, why does SEO matter for B2B websites? A majority of B2B sales journeys start with a search, so increasing visibility in organic search is an opportunity to attract traffic at the top of the funnel.

Key takeaways: Why does SEO matter for B2B websites?

  1. Everyone turns to search first when trying to solve a problem.
  2. If your business doesn’t appear in the search results you’ll miss a major opportunity to connect with the audience when they have a clear need.
  3. Organic is cost effective and helps visitors find you naturally rather than paying for ads which you push to them.
  4. People trust the content they find themselves more than ads.
  5. Prospects are doing their own research before contacting a vendor. Being found in the search results is the key to getting on the shortlist to be contacted.

Why does SEO matter for B2B websites?

Most B2B buying journeys begin with a search SEO helps B2B websites appear in the search results and attract visitors who are demonstrating a clear need. Why does SEO matter for B2B websites? We discuss all this and more at Tactics For Growth.

SEO is central to B2B research

Jeff is your ideal customer, he has been given the task by his boss to solve a critical business problem. The right solution is the blue widget you sell. You sell it at the best price and combine it with the best services making what you sell and what Jeff needs a match made in heaven.  Jeff needs to present options to his boss by the end of the week and starts his research with Google. By the end of the week, Jeff has a great presentation outlining the challenge, possible solutions and even the starting point for a short list. Jeff has prepared all this work without even contacting a vendor directly.

Following his presentation, Jeff is asked to prepare a shortlist of vendors. He goes back to his desk and back to search. This time he does more research on specific solutions and vendors. The search results provide him with thought leadership, real-world case studies and detailed product information.

Jeff soon starts contacting the vendors. You never receive a call because when Jeff searched for his challenge and what he’s trying to achieve, your product never appeared in the search results.

Why does SEO matter for B2B business growth?

To better understand why SEO is important for business growth, think about your own buyer behavior. As an individual when you’re looking for a solution to a problem, when you want to learn how to do something, or you want to compare items, you probably do a search. Many buying journeys begin in the same way and the journey for a B2B purchase is no different.

What your prospect searches for will depend on how far they have progressed in the sales cycle. A search at the top of the funnel could be vague, towards the end as the buyer is more educated, search queries become more advanced.

The role of search in the buying journey

Search plays a role throughout the buying journey and it’s vital for any B2B business to be found in the search results for relevant searches. By ranking well, a B2B business isn’t going to get the reams of traffic that a B2C would attract. We know B2B has a niche audience. This is more about appearing the right audience at the right time. Attracting relevant traffic from search will unlock growth in your B2B because potential customers will be able to find you, and come to you naturally. This reduces your need to push your message out and moves you towards naturally being to pull the right people in.

Why does SEO matter?

Attracting relevant traffic from search will unlock growth in your B2B for the simple reason that your future customers will be able to find you. How great would it be if your business appeared every time someone searched for a problem you could solve?

  • Content visitors find themselves via search is likely to be more trusted and resonate better than content that is pushed to them in an ad.
  • Visitors from organic search are consistently some of the highest quality traffic you can get. Organic visitors spend more time on site, have a lower bounce rate and a higher conversion rate. This is primarily because the visitor is finding content that closely matches what they are looking for, exactly when they’re looking for it.
  • Ranking well in organic results gives your business and website credibility. Searchers are increasingly savvy to paid versus organic placements and trust websites that have achieved natural placement more than websites who have paid to appear.
  • Organic search is a major traffic driver. Although it can be challenging to both achieve and maintain rankings, a good placement is a scalable and cost-effective way of attracting visitors. Unlike a paid ad, it doesn’t cost you every time your ad is seen or clicked.
  • Most people ignore ads, in fact in one study up to 80%. You can’t reach an audience that ignores ads, by pushing more ads.