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Hello, I’m Kaya, your digital consultant. I’ll teach you how to ignite growth in your B2B using MarTech to build your digital marketing funnel.

Digital marketing funnels are marketing automation for the small business, built using affordable digital tools and marketing technology.

I’m here to help businesses just like yours apply the best practice principles of marketing automation used by large enterprises to build you own automated digital marketing funnels. I’ve spent years learning what works and what doesn’t. Now I can help you recreate road tested lead generation strategies for your business.

Don’t waste time trying to figure it out. Use my experience to your advantage and let’s build your automated digital marketing funnel together.

HubSpot, Eloqua or Marketo will cost you tens of thousands. My digital tools stack will cost well under $400 / £300 per month and you can try it out for FREE today!

You’re just 3  steps away from your digital marketing funnel

I’ll personally take you on a step-by-step journey towards building your own automated marketing and sales funnel. You’ll watch over my shoulder as I build a funnel for a real business.

1) Plan your digital marketing and sales funnel

We start with the most important step as we build a digital funnel strategy and map out the buyer journey from an unknown visitor to a sales win and beyond.

2) Build your digital marketing and sales funnel

Learn how you build your marketing and sales funnel together using the digital tools that deliver massive impact on a small budget. See how you can build great landing pages, emails and even the marketing assets that your prospects are crying out for.

3) Promote your digital marketing and sales funnel

Just building the pages isn’t enough. How do you promote your pages and drive traffic to them? I’ll show you the untapped traffic sources that your competitors aren’t even thinking about.

How much does this amazing course cost?

Nothing! It’s available for a limited time only with my compliments. So you have nothing to lose. The digital tools we will use are all either completely free or come with a free trial.

The new digital marketing funnel course will be starting soon at