Digital marketing tools​ & tactics that help you reach and delight your audience. 

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Build Your Marketing Toolkit & Execute Winning Tactics

This is for the digital practitioners. Those of us who do the doing and deliver the plans. You could be an exceptional specialist or a marketing novice who wears many hats. This content captures my experience in B2B digital marketing and B2B digital experience design. My aim is to move B2B digital marketing on from just being about lead generation to being a function responsible for delivering great digital experiences. Experiences that help you shape and win the moments that matter

What are moments that matter? These are the points in the customer buying journey that differentiate you from your competitors. If you don’t want to compete on price then differentiate with exceptional experiences delivered at the right time, at the moments that matter. 

Kaya - B2B Digital Consultant

Marketing Tools & Tactics

Digital Channels & Tactics

​B2B Digital Channels & Tactics

What are the digital marketing channels & tactics that will work for your business and how do you leverage them in your marketing? 

Channels & Tacticsdigital marketing tools

B2B Digital Marketing Tools

You can’t do digital marketing without investing in marketing tools. Tools save you time and improve your results. See what you need.  

 Marketing Tools

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

Ensure that you have a clear objectives for your digital marketing. Preparing a digital marketing strategy is an important step to take before the execution of any tactics .

Marketing Strategy

Learn B2B Digital Marketing

Online training and resources to power your digital marketing. Master the tools, tactics and strategies of digital marketing. On-demand and online  courses designed for the B2B marketer and owner. 

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Kaya, Digital Marketing Consultant

It can be confusing knowing where to start with digital marketing or if you have already started, knowing how to improve your results. If you need 1:1 help, book a no obligation, free call with me. We’ll see what you need and get you started. 

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