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Your options for getting into the Google search results.

The aim of appearing in the search results has one objective, improve search visibility for your B2B website and as a result make it easier for your potential customers to find you. When challenged with how to get into Google search results, there are two ways of improving the visibility of your website , organic optimisation or paid advertising. Paid and organic are both known as B2B search engine marketing tactics.Your options for increasing website search visibility and being found in the search results.

  • Increase search visibility organically: Organic traffic is great because it’s free. However, it takes a lot of time to appear in the search result organically. Remember that all your other competitors also want to appear at the top. The process of taking steps to increase your website ranking organically is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 
  • Increase search visibility with ads: The alternative to organic optimisation is using paid ads. These ads appear in the search results in return for specific search terms you are targeting. You as the advertiser you pay for each click on the ad, giving it the name ‘pay per click’ advertising. 

Five things to consider when you want to increase your B2B website rankings and search visibility organically

I believe B2B businesses have a great advantage in SEO. Our customers are experts in their fields. They use much more complex, if not technical searches. This gives us, B2B businesses and marketers many more terms to target.

  1. Remember that your Google page rankings aren’t the only ones that matter. If your business operates in international markets, check which search engines are most popular. In Russia it’s Yandex, in China Baidu and in Japan it’s Yahoo. 
  2. If your business operates in a local market, rather than a global one, there are a different set of considerations you need to make. Local businesses need to think about map listings, using their address on websites and local citations.
  3. SEO is competitive, ranking for the most competitive terms is almost impossible in the short-term. You need to think about the broad range of phrases your B2B audience might use in their searches.
  4. Increasing your website rank isn’t just about what you do on your website. You need other sites to link to yours, so you need to give them a reason to link, that’s why websites need good content.
  5. Search engines show more than web pages on results pages. When you need to increase search visibility for your business, have a look at what else is shown on the search results page. Optimised videos, for example, are great for increasing the search visibility of your B2B business. Google shows video results for many search queries.

There is plenty to consider when you want to increase your website ranking in the search results and that is just the tip of the iceberg. That’s why many businesses prefer the paid option.

Five things to consider when increasing your search visibility using paid options

  1. The advertising platform for Google is called Google Adwords. AdWords will allow you to advertise on any Google search and also other Google properties such as YouTube.
  2. Advertising on Google is based on a pay per click (PPC) model. You only pay for the clicks you receive.
  3. The amount you pay per click will vary based on multiple factors including, but not only, competition. 
  4. One advantage of PPC over SEO is that you can control where you send visitors. B2B campaigns deliver the highest ROI when you send visitors to targeted landing pages. 
  5. AdWords allows you to target hundreds of different search terms locally or globally. Optimising the setup and management of your AdWords account will help deliver successful PPC campaigns. The worst thing you can do is have lots of keywords in an unorganized mess.

PPC is great when you need to rapidly increase your website visibility. Perfect for campaigns when you need a boost of leads or when you can’t afford to be missing from the rankings for your most important phrases.