Tools that will help you increase your conversion rates and improve website B2B website usability

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Tips and guides on B2B conversion rate optimization for B2B websites and landing pages

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Conversion rate optimization for B2B websites

There are two ways you can generate more website leads. Option one is to spend more money, attracting more traffic, option two is to increase conversions from existing traffic. B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO) helps you make the most of your existing marketing activity.  Is the cost-effective answer to how you can generate more website leads.

Attracting traffic is costly. It can take several interactions before your visitor is ready to become a lead. The return on investment from many B2B digital marketing campaigns is reduced by websites and landing pages that don’t convert traffic into leads. Being able to convert a visitor into a lead is the key to unlocking B2B business growth through digital marketing. No matter how much traffic you attract, if you can’t convert, it becomes a costly waste of time.

Adid Ogilvy Quote

David OgilvyFounder Ogilvy & Mather

Generate more website leads with conversion rate optimization for B2B websites

The return on investment on conversion optimization is phenomenal when compared increasing media spend and sending good money after bad to generate more traffic.   Imagine your website has an industry-leading 6% conversion rate and is generating 300 leads per month. Just a 2% increase in conversion rate will give you an additional 100 leads with no additional spend on traffic generation. To get the same result you would need to find nearly 2000 more visitors. A 2% conversion rate on a poor performing page could be achieved by just changing a headline.

How about this astounding conversion optimization fact?  When compiling data across 3000 conversion rate optimization adopters, the average increase in ROI was 223%.  Can you imagine if you achieved just half that? What impact would this have on your B2B business? Wow!

​How could B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO)  help generate more website leads? 

  • checkGenerate more website leads with B2B conversion rate optimization
  • check​B2B conversion rate optimization aims to convert more of your unknown visitors into known leads.
  • checkConversion rate optimization on B2B websites is critical because there are so few B2B buyers that vendor websites need to make the most of each visitor.
  • checkThe focus of B2B conversion rate optimization is to improve websites and landing pages so visitors don’t come and go but stay and convert.
  • checkAttracting quality traffic is costly and time-consuming. Attracting traffic but not converting it is one of the main reasons for poor B2B marketing ROI.
  • checkB2B conversion rate optimization helps increase ROI by making the most of your existing investment in traffic generation.

B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO) improves the rate at which your website and landing page visitors convert. In the case of business-to-business websites, a conversion is likely to be when a visitor becomes a lead.

B2B websites receive less traffic than B2C websites, but each B2B website visitor has a much higher revenue potential. On a B2C website, someone who has a bad experience isn’t going to have a significant impact on revenue. Thousands of visitors come and go. In contrast on a B2B website, a single visitor could be worth millions in lost business. Successful B2B websites need to convert visitors into prospects at a much higher rate, because there are fewer business-to-business buyers, making conversion rate optimization critical in B2B.

B2B conversion rate optimization fixes one of the main reasons for poor digital ROI. The most common failure in B2B digital marketing is sending expensive traffic to poor quality websites and landing pages that don’t convert. Quality, when it comes to B2B conversion rate optimization, isn’t having a snazzy website.  It’s whether your visitors are taking actions that are valuable to your business. B2B conversion rate optimization helps your business generate more website leads.

B2B website conversion optimizaton is important because it helps you make the most of your current marketing spend. If visitors are coming to your website and then leaving, never to return, that’s of no value to you. Businesses need to be thinking about conversions and lead generation. Measure success by measuring how many visitors your B2B website can convert.

Conversion rate optimization increases the chances that your visitors will convert. Successful B2B digital marketing with a high ROI can’t be achieved by just increasing your marketing spend; you need to ensure that visitors are converting and become leads for follow up.

How can my B2B website generate more leads?

Avinash KaushikDigital Marketing Evangelist,  Google

5 tips to generate more website leads for your B2B business

  1. Use split testing to try out different offers or different messaging around the same offer. It’s difficult to know what will resonate with your audience until you test different options. 
  2. Add elements  that increase the credibility of your business. In a B2B transaction, trust is everything. How can you show your visitor you can be trusted with their investment? Case studies are a great example.
  3. How many pages do you have on your website where there is no clear call to action or, so many that the visitor would rather leave than figure it out? Aim for a single and clear main call to action.
  4. Do the ads your visitors are clicking relate to the page they are sent to? Optimise your website and landing pages for relevance, so your visitors aren’t confused.
  5. Don’t try and capture every last detail about your visitor on their first visit. Would you give up all your data to someone you just met? Increase website lead generation by asking for little bits of information over time (progressive profiling). 

These tips will help you think about how you could generate more leads from your website with conversion rate optimization. This is just the tip of the iceberg and there are hundreds of things you could try, at we can help. 

Stats for your B2B Conversion Rate Optimization Business Case

78% of businesses are not happy with their conversion rates.(source)

The ROI on investing in CRO tools is 223%(source)

Businesses that run CRO activity and double the conversion rate of businesses that don’t(source)

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Ready to generate more B2B leads from your website?

It’s astounding how many businesses are wasting money by not thinking about what their visitors are doing on their websites. If your website isn’t supporting your lead generation efforts, the obvious answer is to fix it, not spend more money sending more visitors to it. 

How many of your potential customers are leaving your website, and how much are you spending to replace them? Instead improve your website and landing pages cost effectively with B2B conversion rate optimization.