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Instapage Review Updated For 2018

Trusted ratings of Instapage

4.6 out of 5 stars

4.5 out of 5 stars


4.6 out of 5 stars

Digitally rates Instapage 4.6/5 in it’s 2018 Instapage review

Upfront and ongoing cost

Instapage has a recurring subscription pricing model. There is a free demo for 14 days. Pricing starts at $69 and goes up to a bespoke enterprise level.

Ease of implementation

Instapage is a SaaS tool so you can get going immediately. Instapage integrates directly with dozens of platforms and those integrations will need to be set up individually.

Ease of use

Setting up and pushing landing pages live is very simple as you would expect with a SaaS. Landing pages are created via a drag and drop interface. The approach to setting up a mobile responsive page is the same as setting up a desktop page.


In addition to the drag-and-drop landing page builder, Instapage allows users to run A/B tests, collaborate for approvals, create heat map and more. For agencies, Instapage offers sub accounts, unlimited domains, user permissions and more. At the enterprise level Instapage offers a dedicated customer success manager, professional services and migration services.

Return on investment

Instapage starts at only $69 per month. For the average business, it would only take a small increase in conversion rates to cover the cost of Instapage.


Instapage offers a user community, ticketed support and live chat support. At the higher price plans, customers have access to telephone support and an account manager. At an Enterprise level customers will have an Enterprise SLA. 

Instapage use cases

Instapage is the perfect solution for creating landing pages. Using Instapage allows marketers to  create landing pages quickly, easily and without needing IT or Developer support. 

  • Create landing pages for your AdWords campaigns. Targeted landing pages will increase conversion and lower your AdWords cost per click,
  • Landing pages for gated assets such as white papers. Connect data capture pages to your CRM and email marketing tool for an end to end solution.
  • Build marketing and sales funnels by connecting multiple landing pages and email sequences together. 

Features & benefits of Instapage

Visual builder for creating landing pages

Instapages is a visual tool for creating landing pages. Everything is created using a drag-and-drop interface. Need an image, a text block of a video? Anything you need just drag and drop from the toolbar. Want to change the colour of a button or text on the page? Just click and edit. 

Publishing a landing page

The advantage of using a SaaS-based solution to build and deploy landing pages is that you can do it all yourself. Build your page using the drag-and-drop landing page and then hit the publish button. 

Capture data with forms

Adding a form is easy in the visual interface and connecting the form to your other tools is easy too. Choose one of dozens of out of the box integrations or connect to hundreds of others using Zapier. 

Test and optimize with Instapage

The best way to improve conversion on a page is to make changes and see those impact conversions. In Instapage running a test is a case of creating a duplicate, making changes and saving it as a variation. You can then set the parameters for your test in the analytics view. This isn’t as fully featured as a testing focused tools such as VWO but its simplicity makes it more user-friendly. 

Using heatmaps in Instapages

Heatmaps allow you to see what elements on the page are grabbing the attention of the visitor and remove unintentional distractions. Instapage features include scroll depth, click maps and mouse movements. The heatmaps feature allows you to go beyond visits and pageviews. 

Instapage pricing & free trial

Instapage has four pricing levels ranging from $69 to bespoke enterprise level pricing. 

Instapage Core Review

Core includes all the fundamental features of Instapage. You can build a page using the visual builder and integrate it with all your other systems. It also includes reusable blocks that you can create and reuse multiple times. Core also comes with pre-built templates, if you don’t want to start from scratch. 

Instapage Optimizer Review

With Instapage Optimizer which starts at $99 per month, you get access to the core features plus Instapage testing tools. If you don’t want to test then the must-have feature here is dynamic text replacement. With dynamic text replacement, it’s possible to dynamically update page copy, rather than create multiple duplicates of the same page. 

Instapage Team & Agency Review

Instapage team is what you need if you have a team working with Instapage or you have clients who will need sub accounts. A very important feature is the audit log.  This gives you more information about changes being made to pages.

Instapage Enterprise Review

 As you might expect enterprise is the top of the range plan.  It includes everything Instapage offers plus an enterprise level service level agreement, single sign-on and migration support. 

Instapage Review Conclusion

Is Instapage a Great Buy or Goodbye?

Instapage essentially does one thing, it helps you build landing pages. It does give you additional capability such as testing, but at its core, it’s all about the landing page.  If you’re looking for a tool that helps you build great-looking landing pages quickly and easily with integrations to other systems, then this tool is definitely a Great Buy.

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 To choose or not to choose Instapage

Choose Instapage when you’re looking for one tool that does landing pages well. A tool that can fit into your existing marketing stack. Out-of-the-box Instapage has plenty of pre-built integrations plus the option to build your own using Zapier. Don’t Instapages if you’re looking for an all-in-one landing page and email marketing tool. Instapages doesn’t include email marketing out of the box. If you want to build sales or marketing funnels connecting multiple pages together, Instapage can support that but it’s not what it was built for. if you’re looking to build funnels or something with an integrated email marketing tool then my recommendation is ClickFunnels

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