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 Visual Website Optimizer Use Cases

Visual Website Optimizer is a tool for testing website changes and examining results before making the change permanent. This makes it great for fixing known issues or optimising what you already have. If you want to take a data-driven approach to improving your digital presence, then VWO  will help. 

  • B2B Marketers – test your landing pages and improve lead generation using Visual Website Optimizer.
  • B2C Marketers – improve the ecommerce checkout journey with VWO.
  • SaaS businesses – use VWO to optimise your product, not just your website.
  • Digital Agencies – optimise client websites and give them detailed reports using VWO.

Notable features of Visual Website Optimizer

Use VWO to test and optimise pages

Using VWO it’s possible to test different elements of pages and create multiple variations. VWO will help track the performance of each page until the test reaches statistical significance. 

Visual editor to create tests

Visual Website Optimizer does as named. It allows you to visually create page alternatives for testing. In the video you can see how easy it is to pick and edit a page to edit. 

Detailed reporting and actionable insights

Detailed dashboards allow you to present data and show successes. There is an overview dashboard which is an entry point for deeper insights. Choose between different variations and different goals. See how well a page is performing at any time. 

Heatmaps & user tracking

VWO  shows click and heat maps. These allow you to identify any elements that may be distracting visitors. It’s then easier to develop test ideas based on page elements take could be distracting. 

Powerful personalisation options

Using VWO it’s possible to create variations based on visitor location, browser, device and multiple other variables. Marketers could create and promote different offers to Facebook visitors, LinkedIn visitors or those who come from an email. 

Visual Website Optimizer Pricing & Free Trial

Pricing for the ‘Testing’ suite

Visual Website Optimizer starts at $49 per month for up to 10,000 monthly visitors. This is for their Testing suite which includes testing functionality, the visual editor and much more.

The standard testing plans don’t include advanced personalisation and only support up to 5 users.  For more advanced targeting or more users you need the Enterprise plan at $999 per month. 

Pricing for the ‘Conversion Optimization’ suite

The Conversion Optimization suite is designed for end-to-end user testing and conversion rate optimization. Pricing for this starts at $299 per month. 

Does Visual Website Optimizer have a free trial?

All plans except for the Enterprise level come with a free plan so head over and try it out. 

Visual Website Optimizer Review Conclusion

Is VWO A Great Buy or Goodbye?

Visual Website Optimizer is a great tool with a lot of functionality. At the enterprise level, customers receive custom integrations and around the clock support. Even at the cheaper price points users have access to a phenomenal range of tools.  Visual Website Optimizer really lives up to its name with its visual page editor,  by far the easiest I have used. Visual Website Optimizer is a Great BUY.

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Visual Website Optimizer Alternatives

If Visual Website Optimizer isn’t the right fit for you then you could also consider these alternatives:

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