Use Digital Marketing Analytics to report and improve B2B sales and marketing ROI.

Do you know which marketing tactics are contributing to business growth and which aren’t? Digital marketing analytics aims to help you understand exactly what you should be investing time and money in.  Understanding your digital marketing analytics is crucial for confirming that what you are doing day-to-day is contributing to your bottom line, strategic goals and building your business. 

Digital marketing analytics is the process of capturing data, reporting and then analyzing your business-to-business digital marketing activity. In digital marketing everything is measurable, despite this, analytics is the one area where all marketers seem to struggle. Be it because of the volume of data, difficulties in reporting or inconsistencies between platforms, understanding the B2B marketing metrics that matter is a constant challenge. can help you understand what matters in your analytics and help you find the tools that will reveal actionable insights.

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Knowing what works is a challenge, and with so many digital tactics and tools, the task is becoming more difficult. Digitally can help ensure you’re looking at the KPIs that matter and making investments that will improve your ROI.

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How could digital marketing analytics help your business?

  • check Digital marketing analytics looks at analytics from the perspective of the customer journey, 
  • checkIt helps businesses understand what contributes most to digital success.
  • checkIt builds on multiple sources of data including web and social, and introduces new data sets such as conversions and customer lifetime value, 
  • checkWith a more integrated approach to analytics businesses can focus budget and effort in what generates most value. 
  • checkFor maintaining a profitable business or delivering growth, whatever your business objective, getting a grip on digital marketing analytics is critical. 
  • Business owners, leaders  and employees make business decisions everyday. Successful businesses make decisions based on data driven insight. 

In any business, it’s important to be able to understand what works and what doesn’t. There are now more channels and tactics available to marketers than ever before, and businesses need to prioritize where they focus, that prioritization relies on understanding which tactics deliver the best ROI.It’s time for marketers to stop focusing purely on analytics from different sources in isolation and start thinking about end-to-end digital marketing analytics to build a better picture of the entire customer journey. It’s not enough to look at just part of the data to understand ROI.When talking about digital marketing analytics most B2B marketers immediately think about traditional clickstream stats such as website visits and bounce rates. It includes these more traditional web metrics and builds on them,  looking across the customer journey. What influences lead generation? Does one source generate better quality leads than another? Marketing analytics helps you to answer these questions. The benefit of B2B marketing analytics to all businesses is in being able to understand where to focus efforts and what isn’t working as expected. Marketing analytics gives organizations an integrated understanding across all digital marketing channels and the interplay between them.