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Optimization is no longer just about search engines or optimizing your website. Your prospects and customers will interact with you on multiple channels across their customer journey. They will search for you on Google, they will visit your website, and they will also look at your social profiles, download you content assets and speak to your current customers on LinkedIn and Facebook groups.

B2B digital optimization is about using great digital marketing combined with a focus on customer experience to win moments that matter. These are the experiences that stand out when your business is on the shortlist. You can race to the bottom and compete on price or rise to the top by building trust and authority. I’m a digital consultant and I help B2B businesses win more business by creating moments that matter.  

How do I create moments that matter? I’ve spent nearly two decades in digital working across marketing and user experience for FTSE 100 and Fortune  500 companies.  Now I help businesses just like yours reach their audience with optimized digital marketing and convert that audience with remarkable digital experience. 

Kaya - B2B Digital Marketing Optimisation Consultant

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What is B2B digital optimization?

Your business invests time and money on digital marketing. When digital isn’t working most businesses spend more,  without trying to understand the root cause. High bounce rates, poor conversions on your landing pages and poor ROI on ads are just a few symptoms of poor digital marketing. The missing ingredient, the thing that can differentiate you from your competition is the customer experience you deliver and that experience starts with your very first marketing message. 

B2B digital optimization with me combines marketing optimization with customer experience optimization. I help businesses like yours get in front of their audience and once there deliver great experiences that win the moments that matter. These are the moments that differentiate your business from the competition. You can stand out because you offer the lowest price, or you can stand-out because your prospects remember the trust and authority you have established.

What are moments that matter?

Moments that matter are the moments in the B2B decision making journey that influence the buying decision more than any other. I help business create and win the moments that matter. 

The importance of digital for B2B businesses

Digital is your doorway to the world, especially for B2B businesses. In the business-to-business world, we don’t have a physical shop window. The closest we get to a shop window is having a booth at an event. Digital is our virtual shop window. It’s where we can reach our audience, and influence the end to end B2B buying journey. Digital should be your number one channel for increasing awareness, supporting consideration and delivering high-quality leads. For most businesses, it’s not and it’s my mission to fix it. 

I have spoken with countless B2B vendors who have invested heavily in digital only see poor returns. They invest in digital because it’s the cost of entry for doing business, not because they really see its value. Digital is more than a cost of entry, it should be the fuel for your business. More than ever B2B buyers are starting their research journey on Google. The same buyers are using social media to inform their buying decision. Even the profile of the B2B buyer is changing, increasingly they are the millennials and digital natives who will only use the digital to research a buying decision. Your next prospect is expecting the same things from you as they expect from their B2C interactions, if you don’t meet those expectations another vendor will.

Digital is more than SEO or search ads, it’s more than a landing page or number of downloads. To your prospect digital is everything and none of these things alone will make or break their buying decision. That’s why I look at digital holistically. I help digital work for you by optimizing your digital marketing and combining this with great customer experiences. 

Digital Optimization isn’t about one tactic, it’s an ecosystem.

B2B digital optimization is all about ensuring that you are making the most of your digital investment, putting you in a position to grow your business through digital.

I take a holistic approach to digital optimization. You might execute on multiple channels but the likelihood is that you are always looking at each channel in isolation. Worse yet you may have different agencies looking at different channels but at no point do you have a single view.

Digital optimization covers all your digital channels because your prospects will be using multiple channels. I work to optimize each touch point starting with the quick wins, ensuring they are working as hard as they can.

What are some of the symptoms of poor digital optimization?

Deep down you already know if your digital investment is working. If your competitors leading the way or you’re losing ground, then your digital presence isn’t winning the moments that matter. 

  • Poor ROI on marketing campaigns.
  • Lack of measurable KPIs.
  • Poor conversion rates on your website.
  • Low visitor numbers
  • Inability to find your website when searching for the challenges you solve.
  • Lack of social presence or engagement.
  • Immaturity in your digital marketing toolkit.

My B2B digital optimization methodology

I ensure all your digital channels are working at their optimum and are aligned to your business goals. The truth is that many business decision makers aren’t close enough to digital to understand if it is working well, or if it could be optimized further, that’s where I can help. 89% of B2B marketers say their digital marketing mix isn’t optimized, so you aren’t alone. Here is my approach to digital marketing optimisation.

Step 1: Understanding your business objectives

In digital optimization everything starts with understanding your objectives. What is it you are trying to achieve what is your ultimate business goal? Then I see how digital aligns with those objectives.

Step 2: Understand your audience

To create great experiences for your audience you need to know who your audience is, where they live online, what engages them and what makes them tick. I’ll evaluate your audience and identify how your digital marketing can reach them, and once there how your digital experience can win the moments that matter. 

 Step 3: Data backed decisions

The next step is to evaluate what you have been doing and how well it has worked. What are the insights we can take and learn from? This is where I collect and evaluate data. In digital the challenge often isn’t generating data is figuring out what matters.

Step 4: Your competitors

I evaluate the competitive landscape to try to understand what your competitors are doing, what’s working for them and where you could gain a strategic advantage using digital. 

Step 5: Win the moments that matter

The previous steps help create a holistic view of digital in and around your business. Now I identify what you can do to win the moments that matter. Where do you need to focus your efforts to win where it matters and make the most of your digital investment.

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