I help B2B businesses win the moments that matter by combining optimised digital marketing with remarkable digital experiences. By working with me B2B organisations can confidently use digital to increase awareness, support consideration and build pipeline.

B2B marketing is about building deep relationships. Prospects are expecting more. The decision makers of today are digital natives. They are comparing you to your competitors across every digital touchpoint. You need to differentiate and standout. I believe your can make the shortlist by winning  enough of the moments that matter.

You can compete on price or you can compete based on the trust and authority you establish. If you prefer option two, let’s talk.

Kaya - B2B Digital Consultant

My digital marketing optimization consultancy practice. 

I work with B2B organizations who are not seeing the returns they need from digital marketing. I optimise digital marketing so it works better for them, in short I fix broken digital marketing. I don’t focus on any one part of digital marketing, I take a holistic approach that looks across your digital landscape. My fundamental belief is that successful B2B digital marketing has moved beyond isolated search optimization, website optimization or other forms of specialist optimization. Your prospects encounter you on dozens of channels and that’s why I take a holistic view of digital. There is one thing that ties all these channels together, that is the digital experience you deliver. You need to be on the right channels at the right time with the right message and deliver a great digital experience, a digital experience that will help you win that moment and be remembered. 

Why consider me as your B2B digital marketing optimization consultant? 

I’m a digital marketing consultant with a difference. I combine my experience of digital marketing and user experience to deliver digital marketing optimization that is focused on creating and winning the moments that matter. The B2B buyer journey  takes weeks if not months. Your business is competing for mind share, to be remembered at the shortlisting stage. You can join the fight to the bottom and compete on price  or can be remembered  by building trust and authority. Business-to-business marketing isn’t about volume.  Business-to-business marketing is about relationships.   Customers are buying you as much as they’re buying your product. To differentiate your business  your marketing needs to be optimised to reach the right audience at the right time, on the right channels.  You need to combine this with great  digital experiences. As your digital marketing optimization consultant I combine  exceptional marketing  with remarkable  digital experiences, positioning your business to be remembered for winning the moments that matter.

Digital marketing optimisation work

As your B2B digital marketing consultant I’ll help you understand your customer and find the moments that matter.

What are the ‘moments that matter’?

Many B2B  businesses  are focused on the wrong things. They’re focused on the things that matter internally not focused on the customer, no matter what they say.  Your prospects don’t care about your next press release. Your prospects don’t care about your branding,  change in logo or new tagline.  Your prospects care about  what matters to them.  In their buying journey  they will interact with your business and dozens of others in an effort to make a purchasing  decision. It takes an average of 8 meaningful interactions with each vendor before a purchasing decision is made. If comparing just 4 vendors that’s 32 interactions your prospect is having. How do you standout? Do you think your background image or CTA button colour will make a difference? My approach to digital marketing optimization is helping you identify and win the moments that matter.  Below is a graphic of different touch points, and moments that matter can happen on any of these channels. 

Digital touchpoints

Source: IDM

Digital experience is not landing pages

Digital experience what is it? You’re thinking landing pages. Your thinking pictures and layouts. Digital experience is everything your prospect encounters. Your tweet, your video, your contact form, your email. These all form part of the digital experience. Deliver great digital experiences in the moments that matter and you will be remembered. 

My background is digital marketing and digital experience

I’ve worked in digital for nearly two decades. I’ve held roles in startup, FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies. My experience spans digital marketing and user experience design. This puts me in the prime position to win the future of B2B digital marketing. B2B relationships are much deeper than B2C relationships and today we have the tools in place to connect and build those relationships. The future of B2B marketing isn’t about one tactic. It’s not about a white paper or infographic. Those are commodities every business generates. To differentiate you need to combine your digital marketing with digital experience and start building value. With my background, I can help you deliver great digital marketing and remarkable digital experiences that win the moments that matter. 

Digital customer experience and marketing consultancy

As your B2B digital marketing consultant we’ll connect marketing with experience

Make an actionable difference to your digital marketing

 I’ve run campaigns, developed strategies, and executed digital marketing plans. I’ve held roles in traffic and demand generation, social media marketing, user experience design and more, you name it I’ve probably done it.  I can combine execution with strategy, I know what works, what doesn’t and what is realistic.

How many consultants have you worked with who produce long detailed reports? These reports are great and have fancy covers that look fabulous sitting on your desk or given to your management. If you want a report with a fancy cover you you’ll never open and will never get actioned, then I’m not who you’re looking for. My approach to consultancy is one that blends execution with strategy, much like my career.

As your consultant my focus is on delivering practical and pragmatic solutions you will execute and make a difference to your business.

I’m the B2B digital marketing consultant that can help you execute

As you can tell, I like rolling my sleeves up and getting involved in the execution of digital marketing. How many B2B digital marketing consultants do you know who can actually practice what they preach? If you often work with account managers or consultants that preach theory but have no experience in execution then you might find me to be a breath of fresh air. Yes, I will work with you on marketing strategy and delivering solutions to the challenges you’re facing. My job, however, doesn’t stop there and if you want, I can provide ongoing support to your operational teams who execute on recommendations.

Your B2B digital marketing consultant

Am I the right consultant for you?

I’m an expert in B2B digital marketing.  I’ve worked in some of the world’s biggest organizations delivering digital.  I have extensive experience spanning nearly two decades. I’ve held roles in multiple disciplines.   My focus is on giving you something you can execute and will make a difference to your business. This is why you should choose me as your B2B digital marketing consultant.

Kaya - Digital Consultant

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