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Hello, I’m Kaya, an experienced B2B technology marketer and your B2B digital marketing coach. Why trust me as your digital marketing coach? I have been working in digital marketing and digital strategy for over a decade, in both small to medium businesses and large global enterprises. My first role was in PPC marketing, driving paid traffic to websites. Since then I’ve worked in SEO, User Experience Design, Conversion Rate Optimization, Social Media Marketing and a whole lot more.  I know how to raise awareness and build demand for complex products in niche markets. I was working in digital when everyone called it ‘Online Marketing’.  Today we know digital is more than being online, digital is how we live, work and play. As your digital marketing coach, I’m here to help YOU win. 

B2B digital marketing coaching will support your journey towards being digitally exceptional. As a founder, team leader or marketer having a digital marketing coach can help you develop your expertise, with a trusted advisor on hand to guide you. Every athlete has a coach, whether just starting out, or at the top of their game. A coach can help spot areas for improvement, support your development, and push you to be better, to beat your personal best every time. As a B2B digital leader with over a decade of experience in multiple disciples and a focus on lead generation, that’s what I can do for you. 

What makes me different to other digital marketing coaches? 

Let’s be honest, there are plenty of business coaches out there. Many with qualifications coming out the wazoo.   Few have actually done any real digital marketing and even fewer are willing to move beyond the theory, roll their sleeves up, and help you deliver. That is my unique selling point and why we should work together. We won’t just talk about what you should do, we’ll do it together, I’ll become your digital marketing tag team partner.  Here are some more reasons we should work together:

  • I have over a decade of experience in digital marketing. This is practical hands on experience of doing.
  • I have worked in small business but also global companies such as Vodafone. 
  • I haven’t just delivered in one discipline but multiple, including traffic generation, relationship building and conversions. 
  • I’ve worked on hundreds of campaigns, and delivered leads in the hundreds of thousands.  
  • I’m a B2B digital marketing coach. My focus in on B2B marketing and helping businesses build awareness and generate demand. 

I could tell you a lot more about me, but there is one thing that truly matters. As your digital marketing coach, i’ll be there when you need me to push you and your business to the next level of business success.

Realistic, pragmatic and road tested digital marketing. 

Think Digitally. Ignite Lead Generation.

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How could a digital marketing coach help you?

If you need to make more of digital, if you aren’t generating the leads you need, if your marketing team needs access to digital marketing expertise, then I can help you. As your digital marketing coach, my job is to help you make the most of digital. I can review your current processes, I can audit your marketing, review or create your digital marketing plan and your digital marketing strategy. As your coach, I’ll be your digital marketing go-to person.

What’s the difference between an agency, consultant, and a marketing coach?

The difference between these three fields is confusing for anyone looking in from the outside.

Marketing Agency – An agency will pitch an idea and will charge for its execution. You may use the same agency several times but it’s still for specific engagements (campaigns). Many agencies will pitch big creative ideas because you will also buy their time to execute on the idea. The difference between an agency and consultant is that an agency has a narrow and tactical focus.

Marketing Consultant – Consultants are experts in their fields and apply this expertise to your business. They are brought in to help the business overcome a defined problem.  A consultant is independent of delivery, so you are paying a consultant for their advice. The clear difference between an agency and a consultant is that a consultant will tell you what to do, but is not involved in delivery. 

Marketing Coach – A coach is a mix of consultancy and agency. Similar to a consultant, a coach will help you identify the issues and develop a strategy and plan. Then like an agency a coach will support your execution with advice and training. Coaches will work with you to build a process and offer support so you or your team can do the work. if you chose to. Coaching is as much about building your skills and expertise, as it is about helping your business.

The expertise of a consultant, the execution of an agency

Think Digitally. Ignite Lead Generation.

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How do I know if I need a B2B digital marketing coach?

Wondering if you need an agency, consultant or coach? You should consider a coach if the following sounds like you.

  • You need help with digital marketing and growing your business – As your coach, I’ll share with you my expertise in B2B digital marketing.
  • Beyond just a strategy you need help with the practical work of execution – As your coach, I’ll help you get things done. It’s not about writing a long strategy document you will never execute, it’s about making real progress.
  • You want to learn – As your coach, my job is to teach you and guide you step by step.
  • You want one to one help – As your coach, my focus is on you and helping you to be better. I help your business through you. You are the star of the show.

Coaching is a good fit for you if you want one to one support. 

When should you be thinking about a digital marketing agency instead?

Sometimes a digital marketing coach isn’t what you need. Here is when you should think about an agency instead:

  • If you know what needs to be done and you need it done.
  • You don’t want to be involved in the process of doing it.
  • You don’t want to worry about it again. You need a done for you solution.
  • In this case, consider some of our digital marketing services.

If an agency sounds like a better option have a look at our ‘Digital Marketing Done For You‘ solution.  

When would digital marketing consultancy fit your needs?

The focus of my coaching practice is YOU. I want to work with you and make YOU a digital leader. The focus of consultancy is your business. When I work with you as a consultant my aim is to give you a strategic overview and tactical direction. Consultancy is right for you if:

  • You have a clearly defined challenge you want to overcome. 
  • IYou need B2B digital marketing expertise to help overcome that challenge.
  • The focus isn’t improve your own or your team’s skills but having a strategy and tactical direction your business can execute. 

If consultancy sounds like a better option, have a look at our ‘Digital Marketing Consultancy’ solution  

Coaching that leaves you confidently digital. 

Think Digitally. Ignite Lead Generation.

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What can I help you with as your digital marketing coach?

As your digital marketing coach I’ll be your on-demand digital expert. We’ll have an ongoing roadmap I’ll support you with, but I’ll all be able to help you with ad hoc requests. I’ll be there to help you create that last-minute presentation or report. Here are just some of the things I can help you with, but you are the captain of the ship and you can point our digital marketing coaching in the direction that works for you and your business:

  • Digital marketing for business 101: Let’s start with the basics. 
  • Understanding your target audience: You know your audience, but do you know where they live online and how you can reach them?
  • Digital marketing tactics: Learn what the established digital marketing tactics are from paid to free. 
  • Content strategy and marketing: Create the content your audience values and wants. 
  • Digital competitor analysis: Learn from the competition and beat them. 
  • There is so much to learn in digital that will help your business grow. We’ll focus what we do on what you and your business need.

Why do you need digital marketing coaching?

You’ve had an amazing idea and you’ve had the courage to follow it through and start your business. Now you just need the world to hear about it. You need to raise awareness, generate demand and build pipeline. You need more sales and you need it now.

If you want to speak to your market, you need to use digital marketing. It’s the only way you are going to cost-effectively reach your audience and generate results. You could hire an agency but they won’t give you the 1:1 support that you need. You could use a consultant, but the last thing you need is a strategy with no execution. Digital marketing coaching is the best of both worlds and more. Every athlete who needs to perform at their best has a coach, why not you?

Kaya - Digital Coach

Helping you and your business win at digital and ignite growth. 

Think Digitally. Ignite Lead Generation.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Kaya, Your Digital Marketing Coach

A consultant will just give you a strategy. As your coach I’ll give you a strategy and help you execute. Hands-on support that makes you a digital hero.

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