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B2B digital is much more than your website, your landings pages or your organic rankings. It’s about the individual moments that matter adding up and becoming irresistible. We aren’t on a consumer path, the B2B buyer journey takes weeks if not months. Our prospects build an intimate knowledge of our products, services and business. How do you earn the most mindshare? How do you stay top of mind when the shortlist is being written? You can get on the list by making the cheapest offer, or you can get on the list by building authority and trust. If it’s option two, let’s talk because my B2B digital marketing optimization consultancy is for you. 

With nearly two decades of experience in B2B digital marketing and user experience design I combine exceptional digital marketing with remarkable customer experiences to win the moments that matter on the B2B decision making journey.  If you want to take this path learn more about my digital marketing consultancy.

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Digital marketing coaching and consultancy options

Digital Consultancy

Digital Marketing Consultancy

As a B2B digital marketing consultant I’m an advisor for your business.  I’ll work with your business and management to overcome the challenges your business is having. 

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Digital Marketing  Coaching

As a B2B digital marketing coach I’m your personal expert partner, focused on helping you.  If you want 1:1 help that puts you above your peers and makes you the hero, this is for you.

 Digital Marketing CoachingDigital Marketing Consultant

Kaya, Digital Marketing Consultant

I’m an experienced digital marketer focused on B2B marketing. I’ve marketed the most niche and complex products in competitive sectors. I can help you ignite your marketing with digital. 

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