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Helping B2B sales professionals leverage digital in the sales journey

B2B Sales Professional

As a B2B sales professional the burden is on you to close business and generate revenue. B2B sales is no longer about hitting the phones or knocking on doors. The prospect does more legwork upfront and you’ll be lucky if they contact you before they have a shortlist of vendors. Digital has changed the buyer journey and your job along with it.

The B2B sales is now less about the pitch and more about adding value. When the prospect is doing their own research and answering their own questions, the challenge for the B2B sales professional isn’t making a sales pitch, it’s becoming part of the conversation and figuring out how to stay there.

With B2B buyers not engaging with sales until later in the buying journey where does sales fit in? You need to become the spokespeople for your businesses; you need to be an expert whose knowledge and consultative prowess goes beyond the immediate sale and is sought after. If you are adding value and seen as a trusted advisor, buyers will come to you.

Build closer and more profitable relationships. 

Think Digitally.

B2B Digital Coach

Kaya, your B2B Digital Coach

How can Digitally help the B2B business owner?

Digital transformation has provided the B2B sales professional with provided new tactics and tools. Those sales teams that embrace this digital future will be ready to build closer and more profitable relationships with their prospects. The level of data now available on your next customer has never been accessible. The sites your prospects visit, who they talk to, who they follow, and what they download, is now available to the B2B sales professional.

I can help you leverage the new tools available to you in your sales process. From prospecting based on social signals to finding who the real decision makers are in your target accounts. 

Kaya - B2B Digital Coach