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Think B2B Digitally and run high ROI, lead generating online events

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At B2B Digitally we help B2B business generate more business and ignite growth by using  digital tactics and tools,  to gain a competitive advantage.

B2B marketers consistently report that events are a key part of their marketing strategy, however the cost of putting on physical events can be restrictive, especially for smaller businesses. Digital B2B event marketing replicates what you do offline as a more cost effective online activity.

What is digital B2B event marketing?

Events have long been a staple of lead generation for business-to-business sales and marketing lead generation. Now as the physical becomes digital we need to think about digital B2B event marketing. In the past events were typically restricted to exhibitions (Mobile World Congress) and company events (CloudForce). The problem with physical events is cost and complexity. Virtual events are much more cost effective than physical events, both for the vendor and attendee. Virtual events can be as simple as a webinar or as grand as a full virtual event with multiple sessions and virtual meetups. Online virtual events don’t (yet) replace the value of in-person events, however, they can be just as effective at lead generation and event marketing is a valuable B2B marketing tactic.

Digital B2B event marketing options

There are a number of options for running an online event. These are broadly webinars, virtual events, and live streaming. As with any in-person event the quality of content needs to be high.


Webinars are the most common type of online event. They are easy to put on and run. B2B audiences are familiar with webinars so the barriers to entry are much lower. Webinars run for a short amount of time, typically a maximum of 1 hour.

Virtual Events

A virtual event is as close as possible you can get to a physical event. Virtual events have multiple sessions, multiple tracks, run from one to multiple days and may have virtual meetup spaces.

Live streaming

Live streaming, once a technical challenge requiring lots of equipment can now be accomplished using just a smartphone and broadcast to platforms including YouTube.

Latest B2B Event Marketing Questions & Answers

“Events work for B2Bs, but they are expensive and time consuming. Digital events can have the same benefits but are much more cost effective.  You can run them cost effectively and return a high ROI. “

– Kaya, Your Digital Marketing Consultant –

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