These tools will make organic social media marketing easier

Tips and guides that will help with your organic social media marketing journey

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Six quick tips for developing your B2B social media presence

  1. Know your customer – It goes without saying that in any form of marketing you need to know who your ideal customer is. This is very important in social media where you need to share content they will value. There is no point crafting a great article on a topic that won’t get engagement from your ideal customers. 
  2. Go where your customer is – Once you know your ideal customer, go where they are. If your ideal customers are on LinkedIn focus your efforts there.  
  3. Think about your content mix – How much time do you spend talking about yourself and how much do you spend sharing content regardless of source? Social media is never about the hard sell. You need to focus on building relationships not selling. Your prospects will signal when they are ready to be sold to.
  4. Answer questions & be a resource – Social is about conversations. The most effective social media tactic is answering the questions people have even if it’s not directly relevant to what you sell. The people you help will remember you helped them even when there was nothing in it for you
  5. Measure and improve – In digital marketing we often have more data than we can use, but in social media data can really guide your activity. For example, if you are seeing infographics are getting the most engagement, it gives you an indication of what you need to produce.
  6. Employee advocacy – B2B businesses can significantly increase their organic reach by putting in place employee advocacy programs, making it easier for your employees to share your content on their personal social networks. 

Employee advocacy helps B2B businesses win at organic social media marketing

With a majority of web users having a social media presence it’s almost certain your employees will also be on social media. Employee advocacy in social media is overlooked but can give you a winning advantage. Employee advocacy is where you enable and encourage your employees to share your content. Here are 3 reasons why you need to encourage employee advocacy to increase your organic social media reach.

  • People buy from people. People buy from people they know like and trust and only 33% of buyers trust brands, whereas 90% trust recommendations of people they know. The content your employees share with their own networks will resonate further than the same content shared on your business branded social channels.
  • Branded content shared by your employees will be reshared more frequently than when you share it on your own branded channels. Research shows that messages were re-shared 24 times more and reached a greater audience when shared by employees.
  • There is little overlap (2% to 8%) between the social network of your brand and that of your employees. Employee advocacy extends the reach of your brand.

 There is no doubt employee advocacy in social media works, and it can be a cost-effective way of increasing your reach without paying for advertising. It also works better than advertising because people pricing contents share by people they know and follow. When considering your organic social media marketing strategy for your B2B business think about how you can encourage your employees to share your content. There are employee advocacy tools on the market but it’s a simple as making your employees aware of new content and inviting them to share it. 

Stats for your B2B organic social media business case

74% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn to inform their purchasing decision.(source)

78% of people who reach out to support via Twitter expect an answer within an hour.(source)

79% of marketers report an increase in site traffic after investing 6 hours a week on social media.(source)