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At B2B Digitally we help B2B business generate more business and ignite growth by using  digital tactics and tools,  to gain a competitive advantage. 

B2B user experience design helps you to create websites, products and digital experiences that exceed the expectation of users. It’ll also save your business money because the UX design process takes place before any costly development. 

What is B2B user experience design?

B2B user experience design is all about how you can build experiences that delight your users, helping them to accomplish their tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. In business-to-business industries, user experience (UX) design is often overlooked. This has resulted in websites that become content libraries and product experiences that are poor.

When should I start B2B user experience design? 

B2B user experience design should be part of your website or product design process from the very start. Great UX isn’t something that can be dropped in once the product is nearly ready and instead needs to be considered from the outset.

Where do I start with B2B user experience design?

B2B user experience design is the process of building and launching new digital experiences, features, and functionality that helps both businesses and end users meet their goals. So the job of a user experience design begins with aligning what your business goals are to what the goals of your users are, critical to this is understanding who your users are and building our user profiles.

Does B2B user experience design matter for startups and small businesses? 

User experience is critical for startups and small businesses even more so than large businesses. SMall B2Bs can build a reputation for quality and ease of use based on delivering great UX. If you have a digital or SaaS product then how easy it is for your customer to get their work done directly impacts their productivity. Businesses such as Slack and even Salesforce managed to displace competitors in-part because they were easier to use and delivered a better UX than competitors.

How can B2B user experience design help me build my website?

B2B UX will ensure you can deliver a website that both looks great and meets business objectives. All too often websites are designed based on opinions, without thinking about the user. B2B websites are notorious for being the burial ground of great content because sites are hard to navigate. Website user experience is crucial in B2B. The volume of traffic B2B websites have if often far lower than B2C websites but every visitor is worth much more. B2B websites also have a very varied audience, from those who gather information to end users and decision makers. This makes it much more important to ensure that every visitor has a great experience from the outset and building their requirements into the website at the very outset will give you the edge over competitors.

Latest B2B User Experience Design Questions & Answers

“Your digital touch points must be easy to use and help users complete their tasks. This also applies to products that need to be intuitive. In B2B where experience is often the last consideration, you can win business and differentiate by making it your first. “

– Kaya, B2B Digital Marketing Consultant –

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