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Think B2B Digitally and find the right marketing tools & marketing technologies (MarTech) for your business to win at digital

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At B2B Digitally we help B2B business generate more business and ignite growth by using digital tactics and tools, to gain a competitive advantage. B2B Digitally is your B2B digital marketing toolbox.

When it comes to leveraging digital for business growth, having the right tools is critical. There is no way your business will compete and without having the right B2B marketing tools and technology in place. The right tool isn’t the most expensive one, or the one with the most bells and whistles, the right marketing tool is the one that fits your business. B2B Digitally will help you find those best fit digital marketing tools for your B2B and build a winning MarTech stack.

Does having the right B2B digital marketing tools make a difference?

It’s impossible to succeed in digital without the right digital marketing tools in place and building a Martech stack. Digital marketing, by its very nature, requires digital marketing tools and there are hundreds of tools to choose from to build your digital marketing toolbox. Digital marketing tools have become so pervasive in marketing that we often don’t even consider it in our day to day work. The social media tool you use, your CRM, your email tool and much more are all part of your marketing technology toolbox. Marketing tools are so interlinked with other parts of the organization that we can no longer limit it to just marketing specific tasks. Today your website platform, business intelligence, and customer support platforms are all part of the digital marketing tool landscape.

Do digital marketing tools matter in small to medium B2B organizations?

Have the right digital marketing tools may sound like something that doesn’t matter to the small B2B business trying to grind out leads, but in fact, it’s more important to the small business than any other. Small businesses can enjoy the most significant benefits of having the right marketing tools. Imagine for example having a tool that manages your sales funnel in the background so you can focus on closing leads. Such tools exist and they are more beneficial to the SME with small or no marketing team than it is to a large corporate.

What kind of digital marketing tools does my B2B business need?

Marketing, sales, and support are now digital. There is no getting away from it. For businesses, it’s much cheaper to invest in marketing tools that will increase efficiency and quality rather than find new headcount to do a similar job. There are many examples where digital marketing tools can help. Your marketing team needs to know what’s working and what isn’t, sales need to find new ways of building relationships and customers expect to be supported through digital channels. Tools that help businesses prosper in digital with better analytics, better sales enablement, and better customer support are all part of the digital marketing toolbox. Below are just a few examples of the digital marketing tools you need to consider:

Content Marketing ToolsMarTech that helps create and amplify content so it reaches the right audience.

Digital Advertising ToolsMarTech that you run cost-effective and high ROI paid advertising.

Landing Page Building ToolsMarTech to build landing pages that are designed to convert visits into leads.

Digital Event ToolsTools that help you organize and run digital events such as webinars.Marketing Analytics ToolsMarketing tools that ensure your marketing investment is working.

Marketing Automation ToolsTools that automatically nurture prospects until they are sales-ready.

Social Selling ToolsMarTech that helps your sales team build personal relationships.

Sales Prospecting ToolsTools that help you prospect for leads and then meaningfully engage.

Search Engine Optimization ToolsMarketing tools that help give your business visibility in search.

Social Media Marketing ToolsMarTech to run your social presence and engage with your audience.

Website Builders and CMSsMarTech to build,  run and  help maintain your website easily.Website Conversion Rate Optimization ToolsMarTech that allows you to run tests on your website.

Why do digital marketing tools matter?

Investing the right digital marketing tools can transform your marketing, investing in the wrong ones can drain both money and time. Having the wrong marketing tool can be worse than not having one at all. Your business won’t be able to compete in the modern business landscape without the right tools. Predictions are that within the next few years marketing will spend more on technology than IT. Technology is now a massive area for marketers who need to be thinking digital and this is true whether you run a small business or a large enterprise. A good digital marketing toolbox can put small businesses on a competitive footing with much bigger competitors and smaller businesses are in a position to rapidly take advantage of new marketing tools. A small business who sees a marketing tool that can solve their business need can rapidly adopt and deploy. In a large business, change is hard and comes slowly.

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“Digital is driven by technology. You can’t prosper in anything you do without investing in the right marketing tools. It’s absolutely critical. Whether it’s saving time, doing things more efficiently or doing it better. The right marketing tools can help you WIN. “

– Kaya, Your Digital Marketing Consultant –

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