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At B2B Digitally we help B2B business generate more business and ignite growth by using  digital tactics and tools,  to gain a competitive advantage. B2B Digitally is your B2B digital marketing toolbox.

Content is critical in digital. Across the customer journey your audience is interacting with your content. Unfortunately most of the content we produce is never even looked at. B2B content strategy with B2B Digitally helps you to focus on the content that your audience needs and wants. 

What is B2B content strategy?

B2B Content strategy looks across all the content your organization produces and forms a wrapper which ensures everything is aligned and is supportive of your overall business goals. Content strategy is based on a holistic view of all your content and provides the blueprint for future content production, highlighting content gaps, delivering audience insight and ensuring consistency. The content strategy ensures you are producing the right content, in a re-usable and consistent way. Having a good content strategy especially in B2B industries where buyers are looking for information and are influenced by content is important. 

What is the difference between B2B content marketing and B2B content strategy

There is confusion between content marketing and content strategy. Content marketing results from content strategy. A content strategy is a blueprint for the content you are going to produce, content marketing is how you are going to promote that content so it reaches your intended audience. The strategy and marketing should work together. Your strategy will identify the audience, what they need, where the content gaps are and how you can fill those gaps, your content marketing will take that new content and distribute it to your audience. The B2B content strategy thinks about the tone of voice, the broad narrative that is being communicated, it looks at what needs to be produced, and what can be re-used. B2B content marketing looks at channels and tactics to amplify and promote content.

Why do you need a B2B content strategy?

One of the few ways your business interacts with the world around it is through its content. Content tells the world what your business does, who it does it for, and why it matters. In many cases visitors to your website come to consume content, that content could be a piece of thought leadership, a product data sheet or a blog post. Your business, and the many functions within it, produce large volumes of content and a content strategy ensures this content is as effective as possible. As with any business activity having a strategy is the cornerstone of success and content is no different. Content is expensive and time consuming to produce, it should be produced to meet a measurable business goal. B2B content strategy aligns everyone that produces content around the same goals and provides consistency.

How could a B2B content strategy help your business?

  • checkContent requires investment and a content strategy will help you invest in the right content to inform and influence B2B buyers. 
  • checkThe Content landscape is noisy. A B2B content strategy can help you identify the content pieces that will provide the most value. 
  • checkB2B buyer journeys are complex with multiple personas and changing content needs at different parts of the journey. A B2B content strategy will help match content to audience. 
  • checkDigital ROI is best achieved by making the most of what you already have, A B2B content strategy will get you out of the endless content production cycle and help you make the most of what you already have, 
  • checkEverything has a lifespan and that’s no different to content. Prospects often struggle to find the right content because of all the old forgotten content that’s in the way. A B2B content strategy will give you a plan for retiring old content. 

Business-to-business marketing is a content game. Buyers want to do as much research as possible before contacting a vendor. B2B organizations produce content in an attempt to inform and influence buyers. Content can come in all forms, cover a range of topics and aims at anyone of multiple audiences. Regardless of your approach to content one thing is true, content with real value is expensive to produce. Content should be considered a business asset and developed with a clear strategy in mind.Producing content with no content strategy means businesses often produce content that the audience doesn’t need and isn’t looking for. Every B2B business is producing content and there’s a lot of noise. The only way to stand out is by having a B2B content strategy that captures the needs of your audience and helps you to focus on content with genuine value that your audience needs.Content strategy plays a vital role in marketing. it’s your B2B content strategy that should inform your marketing automation programs, your content marketing activity, even your website sitemap. Your content strategy should map out what content to deliver at what point of the buyer journey.The B2B content strategy isn’t just about producing more content. To optimize content ROI, it’s even more important that content strategy considers how content could be used in multiple ways.Finally, businesses need to understand that content has a lifespan. Unfortunately, many B2B businesses produce content and leave it out in the wild with no plan for review, renewal or removal. A B2B content strategy helps businesses to have a plan for the lifespan of content, helping buyers find the most relevant content rather than irrelevant articles that were written years ago.

60%of marketers

60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day!(source)

32%have a strategy

Only 37% of B2B marketers  have a documented content strategy.(source)


72% of successful B2B marketers agree that content strategy increases success.(source)

Latest B2B Content Strategy Questions & Answers

“Your B2B content strategy is a layer above content marketing. It’s about your entire content landscape from user guides to infographics. A B2B content strategy will help your business to create content your audience will value, share and will establish your business as an industry authority. “

– Kaya, Your Digital Marketing Consultant –

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