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At Digitally we help B2B business generate more business and ignite growth by using the right digital tools, tactics, and strategies to gain a competitive advantage.

We’ll help you find practical solutions to real B2B business challenges.  Start by searching for your challenge.  Can’t find an answer? Send us your question.  

What does B2B marketing do?

Business-to-Business (B2B) organizations survive on leads. Leads that will ultimately convert into sales. It’s the responsibility of the B2B marketing function to deliver these leads to sales. The more qualified a lead is before it’s passed to sales the better. Especially in industries where sales need to invest a lot of time in closing leads. Typically the marketing team will provide sales with Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). A Marketing Qualified Lead is one that meets a pre-agreed benchmark that identifies it as worthy of sales engagement. The role of the B2B marketing function has changed massively in just the last few years, thanks to the impact of digital on the customer journey and sales process. Prospects are spending much longer time researching and evaluating before speaking to sales.

How has digital changed B2B Marketing? 

Digital has completely transformed B2B marketing. The role of B2B marketing, to generate demand and leads is the same as it has always been, however, the tools, tactics, and strategies available have evolved. Digital has transformed how buyers approach the decision-making process. Now B2B buyers do most of the research themselves and may even start shortlisting solutions before contacting a vendor directly. This means that the responsibility of B2B marketing, to take the customer from a point of awareness through to talking to sales has become more important and the impact marketing has on the customer journey has grown. In this section of Digitally, we’ll guide you through the impact of digital on your B2B marketing activity. Trust Digitally to help you embrace the future of B2B marketing.

Latest B2B Marketing Questions & Answers

“B2B marketing is now more than ever about engaging the right prospects, at the right time, with the right message. Knowing how to amplify your message to a niche B2B audience and then transition this to leads that sales can close is the challenge.”

– Kaya, B2B Digital Strategy Consultant –

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