B2B Marketing Tactics: Awareness, Demand & Leads

Think B2B Digitally to generate  high quality sales leads and pipeline

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At B2B Digitally we help B2B business generate more business and ignite growth by using  digital tactics and tools,  to gain a competitive advantage.

B2B marketing tactics are the actions that build awareness and generate demand for your products and services, ultimately generating leads and pipeline for your business. B2B Digitally will help you choose the right digital B2B marketing tactics to meet your business goals.

B2B Marketing Tactics


Account Based Marketing >

Customize your marketing efforts to specific key accounts with ABM 


Content Marketing >

Create content your audience will value and promote it so it’s seen

Digital Advertising >

Cost effective paid channels that deliver your message to a targeted audience.

Digital Event Marketing >

Take in-person events online with webinars, streams and virtual events.

Marketing Automation >

Capture, nurture and score leads so they are ready to be closed by sales.


Search Engine Optimization >

Attract organic traffic and appear when potential customers are searching.  


Social Media Marketing >

Build an audience and nurture relationships to influence buyers.

What are B2B marketing tactics?

B2B marketing tactics are the actions you execute in order to deliver on your marketing strategy and ultimately your business goals. If you want to promote your business to generate demand and ultimately awareness, then you need to execute the right B2B marketing tactics. Marketing tactics can be executed individually or collectively, but must always be accompanied by a marketing strategy which everyone in the sales and marketing organization across is familiar with.

How does marketing strategy and marketing tactics fit together?

Marketing strategies are the high-level goals and business objectives that your marketing ultimately serves to deliver. More than a vision or list of objectives, a marketing strategy must answer questions such as who your audience is and how you should appeal to them. For example, your audience might be IT budget holders, who need to update their aging technology, and your message to market might be how your technology optimizes their existing investment, rather than asking them to invest in new tech. Based on the market research in your strategy, marketers can start executing marketing tactics, but not before a marketing plan is prepared.

A marketing plan is a map of what your marketing team will execute, when it will be done, and who is responsible for it. Think of it like this, the marketing strategy is your compass, it tells you the rough direction you need to go in, to meet business objectives. The marketing plan is your exact route map.

Many organizations lack a marketing plan, or have individual and isolated marketing plans. The point of a marketing plan is to ensure everyone is clear about what marketing tactics to execute and when. Without a central marketing plan, it’s likely everyone will execute individually, everyone ‘doing what they think best’, but ultimately duplicating effort.

What are the different types of B2B marketing tactics?

There are dozens of B2B marketing tactics, each can be used in combination or individually. How each is executed varies the results you can expect to achieve. In short, B2B marketing tactics are a complex minefield, but something you must become familiar with for business success.

B2B marketing tactics can be broadly split into two areas, demand generation, and lead generation. Often the tactics deployed often overlap and marketing tactics are differentiated by how they are used and the message they communicate.

Demand Generation

Demand generation includes tactics you execute to build awareness of your product, business or even industry. A press release is a common demand generating activity.

Lead Generation

Lead generation includes  activities that aim to generate high quality, marketing qualified leads for your sales organization.

Latest Questions & Answers On B2B Marketing Tactics

“Every B2B business large or small struggles with knowing which marketing tactics to deploy to get their message to market, and translate that awareness into demand. The mix needed is unique to every business, but using the right tactics is the first step in automating and optimizing B2B lead generation. “

– Kaya, Your Digital Marketing Consultant –

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