B2B Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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At B2B Digitally we help B2B business generate more business and ignite growth by using  digital tactics and tools,  to gain a competitive advantage. 

Businesses spend time and money on launching their shiny new websites, but rarely go back and optimize them. Instead of increasing ROI, their investment slowly declines in value. Conversion rate optimization is all about making the most of what you have rather than investing in more marketing or re-building your website. 

What is B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO)?

There are two ways you can generate more leads through digital. Option one is to spend more money attracting more traffic, option two is to increase conversions from existing traffic. B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO) helps you make the most of your existing marketing activity.

Attracting traffic is costly. It can take a number of interactions before your visitor is ready to become a lead. The return on investment from many B2B digital marketing campaigns is let down by one thing, websites and landing pages that don’t convert traffic into leads. Being able to convert a visitor into a lead is the key to unlocking B2B business growth through digital marketing. No matter how much traffic you attract, if you can’t convert, it becomes a costly waste of time. </Digitally> will help you optimize your web presence so that you make the most of your existing traffic.

In its simplest form B2B CRO comes down to testing one version of a page against another. Two versions of a page are created, one with slight changes, for example moving the position of a call to action. Both pages receive real visitors and conversions are measured. The page that converts the most traffic wins. Over time multiple tests are run to iteratively improve websites and landing pages. 

How could B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO)  help your business?

  • checkB2B conversion rate optimization aims to convert more of your unknown visitors into known leads. 
  • checkConversion rate optimization on B2B websites is critical because there are so few B2B buyers that vendor websites need to make the most of each visitor.   
  • checkThe focus of B2B conversion rate optimization is to improve websites and landing pages so visitors don’t come and go but stay and convert. 
  • checkAttracting quality traffic is costly and time consuming. Attracting traffic but not converting it is one of the main reasons for poor B2B marketing ROI. 
  • checkB2B conversion rate optimization helps increase ROI by making the most of your existing investment in traffic generation. 

B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO) improves the rate at which your website and landing page visitors convert. In the case of business-to-business a conversion is most likely to be when a visitor becomes a lead. 

B2B websites receive less traffic than B2C websites, but each B2B website visitor has much higher revenue potential. On a B2C site someone who has a bad experience on a website isn’t individually going to have a big impact. Thousands of visitors come and go. In contrast on a B2B site a single visitor could be worth millions in lost business. Successful B2B websites need to convert visitors into prospects at a much higher rate, because there a much fewer business-to-business buyers, making conversion rate optimization critical in B2B.

B2B conversion rate optimization fixes one of the main reasons for poor digital ROI. The most common failure in B2B digital marketing is sending expensive traffic to poor quality websites and landing pages, that don’t convert. Quality, when it comes to B2B conversion rate optimization, isn’t having a snazzy website, it’s whether or not your visitors are taking actions that are valuable to your business.

B2B CRO is important because it helps you make the most of your current marketing spend. If visitors are coming to your website and then leaving, never to return, that’s of no value to you. Businesses need to be thinking about conversions and lead generation. Measure success by measuring how many visitors your B2B website can convert.

 Conversion rate optimization increases the chances that your visitors will convert. Successful B2B digital marketing with a high ROI can’t be achieved by just increasing your marketing spend; you need to ensure that visitors are converting and become leads for followup. 

78%poor conversions

78% of businesses are not happy with their conversion rates.(source)


The ROI on investing in CRO tools is 223%(source)

x2conversion rates

Businesses that run CRO activity and double the conversion rate of businesses that don’t(source)

Latest B2B Conversion Rate Optimization Questions & Answers

“Websites are never perfect on day one. Companies like Amazon spend millions in testing and improving their websites. The ability to test and optimize websites is available to all businesses and means you increase the ROI on your digital investment. It’s cheaper to get your website working better, than it is spending more on traffic. “

– Kaya, Your Digital Marketing Consultant –

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