What is A/B testing?

Your landing pages don’t work and your website doesn’t generate enough leads. Sound familiar? What if I told you that you could test different versions of a page to see what works best? You can, it’s called A/B testing and you’ll learn more about it now at B2B Digitally.

What is A/B testing?

A/B Testing is a method of improving web pages by comparing two versions to see what performs better.  During A/B  testing, traffic is sent to both the original version of the page, known as version A,  and a variant, version B. The test is run for enough time to reach statistical significance,  at which point,  a winner is declared.  If the test variant wins this then becomes your permanent and live version.  far too often businesses improve their websites and landing pages based on opinions. A/B  testing is all about the numbers and how your pages are used by real visitors.

What can we test?

When we talk about A/B testing we often refer to testing webpages but you can also test a multitude of other things where it’s possible to split your traffic and capture performance data. It might sound complicated but many of the tools you probably already use such as Google AdWords give you the opportunity to test different ad variations.

How does A/B testing work?

AB testing is a simple form of testing where you’re comparing two versions of a page which intend to meet the same goal. For example, you might have a contact us page.  there is a clear goal which is to get visitors to complete a form. You may want to test a new form layout or using fewer fields. When you run an A/B test your A/B testing tool will send the equivalent amount of traffic to both forms over a period of time and measure performance.

What do I need in order to start A/B  testing?

To run AB tests you’ll need something you want to improve,  usually a specific page on your website,  the page will need to receive a reasonable amount of traffic and have a measurable goal, finally, you’ll  need an A/B testing tool.

Any A/B testing tool will at a minimum need to split traffic and, report on test results. Successful A/B  testing isn’t just about running two versions of a page for short amount of time and seeing which one appears to work best.  The key thing is reaching statistical significance. Statistical significance in A/B testing is where you have achieved meaningful and reliable results.

Is A/B testing useful for B2B businesses?

A/B testing  isn’t just for consumer e-commerce websites.  If your B2B website exists to meet your business goals, which in a business-to-business context is usually  lead generation, then A/B testing could hugely increase the ROI you see from your website and campaigns.


Data based decisions

Your aren’t making changes based on assumptions or personal preference. It’s based on data.