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At Digitally we help B2B business generate more business and ignite growth by using the right digital tools, tactics, and strategies to gain a competitive advantage.

We’ll help you find practical solutions to real B2B business challenges.  Start by searching for your challenge.  Can’t find an answer? Send us your question.  

What is B2B growth hacking?

B2B growth hacking has a sole focus on business growth. Most B2B businesses want to grow. Grow revenue, grow sales, grow pipeline, grow leads, there are dozens of areas where a business could grow. You could throw established tactics at your business, but for most businesses that will bring them on par with competitors not beyond, and if it was working for your business you wouldn’t be here. Digital affords B2B businesses with new growth opportunities, and B2B growth hacking is a singular focus on using innovative approaches to ignite that growth.B2B growth hacking is about innovation, it’s hacking growth. Your competitors are all following the same approaches to marketing, many are still thinking that social media is being innovative. It’s not. At </Digitally> we believe in strategies like social, search and email, however, these are not innovative, these are staples of digital marketing. The strategies covered on </Digitally> are road tested and bring your business on par with what it should be doing, growth hacking is about innovation and taking ingenious approaches to growing your business.

How could B2B growth hacking  help your business?

  • checkB2B growth gives businesses a focus on growth and individuals accountability for delivering it.  
  • checkB2B growth hackers think across business functions looking for growth opportunities. 
  • checkB2B growth hacking are not restricted by business structure or work place politics. They may in fact disrupt the entrenched way of doing things. 
  • checkB2B growth hacking is data driven. Ideas are generated based on data, tested and reviewed. The opinion of the highest paid person’s opinion doesn’t matter unless it’s back by data. 
  • checkB2B growth hackers make small changes to generate big results. Cost effective growth is the aim of the growth hacker, anyone can grow a business by just spending more on advertising. 
  • checkB2B growth hacking operates across your organization and almost separate from it, delivering a birds eye view that focuses on growth, not day to day business operations. 

Does your business need to grow? Have you implemented the ‘traditional’ digital marketing tactics and can’t see the growth you need? B2B growth hacking might be your answer. B2B growth hacking can benefit every business.The primary benefit for any business is that B2B growth hackers focus on growth. You may say everyone in your business is thinking about growth. The reality is that people have enough going on in their actual jobs to focus on growth. Business growth is the growth hackers job. B2B growth hacking looks for opportunities for growth by combining tactics and channels. Growth hacking isn’t siloed to one tactic but looks for the growth opportunities that come from combining tactics. You may ask a copywriter to focus on growth but they will think from a copywriting perspective and a sales person will think from a sales perspective, a growth hacker thinks across silos. B2B growth hacking provides businesses with someone who thinks across boundaries to spot opportunities. B2B growth hackers operate outside traditional organizational structures. They are unrestricted by what has gone before, the politics and restraints. Growth hackers disrupt the status quo by being innovative and ambitiously pursuing rapid growth. Growth hacking brings a growth-focused startup mentality.Growth hacking is data-driven and asks the question what if? Everything a growth hacker does is informed by data and tested. Opinions and the needs of senior managers are thrown out the window. Data informs what a growth hacker does. B2B growth hacking is about small changes that bring massive results. It’s about cost-effective change and cost-effective growth. A growth hacker isn’t going to make massive changes. Their job isn’t to have an impact in your business, their job is to have an impact on your business. A growth hacker isn’t going to fix or change your organizational structure, that’s HRs job. A growth hacker isn’t going to seek growth by tripling your ad spend, that’s a marketing job. A growth hacker will deliver small and tested changes. For example, Dropbox increased signups by 60% through implementing a simple refer a friend scheme. Atlassian grew their business to $320 in annual revenue with no sales team by having a focusing on automated user onboarding. If you need rapid growth unrestrained by the boundaries of your organization then B2B growth hacking might just be your answer.

110%more leads

Hubspot increased leads by 110% by offering a 30 day trials instead of 7.(source)

29%more shares 

Quicksprout added two additional sharing options and increased sharing of its content by 29%.(source)

211%sales increase

By adding proactive chat to product comparison pages Intuit increased sales by 211%.(source)

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“Growth hacking concerns innovative approaches to growing your B2B. It may use completely new tactics or blend existing tactics in new ways. Growth hacking could be your answer to generic more business leads. “

– Kaya, your on demand Digital Marketing Consultant –

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