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Why does your B2B website matter?

Central to all business-to-business digital marketing activity should be your B2B website.  You can have a presence on social networks but this is rented land. You need to play by the rules of the social network and at any time those rules may change. Take for example how much harder it is now to reach Facebook followers without paying to amplify posts.

Your corporate website is where all the traffic that you generate through your digital marketing activities should be sent. Your website should convert this traffic so that it can be nurtured and eventually followed up by sales. Your B2B website plays a pivotal role in business-to-business digital marketing and we cover everything you need to know when it comes to designing, developing and managing a B2B corporate website.

Latest B2B Website Questions & Answers

“Your B2B website is not only your home on the web but also your shop window to the world. Your website needs to be central to your B2B marketing strategy, giving you a central place where you can drive traffic and generate business value.”

– Kaya, your on demand Digital Marketing Consultant –

Here to help with you B2B website

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B2B website user experience design

Deliver outstanding customer experiences that delight customers and convert prospects. B2B user experience design (B2B UX) gives you an edge over your competition. B2B user experience design (B2B UX) allows you to create digital experiences that delight your audience and deliver business goals. In a competitive marketplace where everyone has a website, the quality of the experience a visitor has on your site can often define success. Imagine a sales person going to a meeting poorly prepared, their presentation not making sense or not working, and not being able to answer any questions the prospect may have. A poor website is that sales person, unfortunately, in this case, every prospect in your pipeline has that shocking experience.  </Digitally>will be your guide to delivering outstanding B2B UX on your B2B website.

B2B website development

You may have a great website user experience planned but how do you make that vision a reality? With dozens of platforms, hundreds of integrations and the challenges of managing either a fresh build or a website migration, we can help. </Digitally> will be your guide to navigating the world of B2B website development.

B2B website management

B2B website management is as important as initial design and development. Once the fun part is over and stakeholders have moved to the next big project, good website management is what turns investment into ROI. B2B website management includes the many activities a web team undertakes to ensure websites are maintained, are aligned to the needs of the business, and continue to operate as expected. Far too often once the website design and development phase is over and all the senior stakeholders of moved on the next big thing,  the actual management of the website is forgotten about.  Website management is just as important, if not more important than the build phase.

What are the goals of a B2B website?

  • checkThe B2B website needs to fulfil many roles and needs to be designed with many different audiences in mind.
  • checkYour B2B website is a shop window to the world.
  • checkYour B2B website is an always on sales and marketing channel. When a prospect is looking to solve business challenges they should be able to come to your site and learn about your solutions at any time.
  • checkYour B2B website must support the sales journey with content. So much of the decision making process is now completed before sales get involved that your website now your first line salesperson.
  • checkMany B2B buying decisions are made based on a favourable analyst report. Analysts learn about your solutions through your website.
  • checkAnyone applying for a role in your company will look at your website. It can be difficult to find the right expertise to fill roles and your website should be a tool that advertises your business to future employees,
  • checkYour B2B website should be a support channel for your existing customers. Great support content such as a knowledge base will often reduce inbound calls and save you money in managing support calls.

For business-to-business organizations, their website needs to play many roles. It needs to inform multiple stakeholders, it needs to convert visitor into leads, it needs to support potential customers on their sales journey, and it even plays a role in attracting future employees. The B2B website is most visible part of any business. Here are just a few of the goals of a B2B website and why it’s important to your business.

The B2B website is the shop window – The B2B website is the always on shop window for your business. At all times it serves as the gateway to all aspects of your business, from being your 24/7 salesperson to delivering support.

Websites help future customers discover your business – We know the B2B sales cycle begins with research. At the early stage where potential customers know they have a challenge but don’t know how to solve it, the thought leadership and insights on your website can help build awareness in your market.

Websites support the sales journey – The B2B website plays a crucial role in supporting the sales journey. We know B2B buyers are information hungry and vendor websites are where they go to find a vendor specific information throughout the sales journey. When a prospect is evaluating a shortlist of vendors, only your website can provide trusted and accurate information on your products.

Websites support analyst relations and corporate communications  – To many business-to-business organizations analyst relations and corporate communications such as PR play a really important role. The corporate website is where analysts and industry commentators come to learn about your business and your products.

Websites help recruit future employees – Visiting the website of a future employer is standard practice whenever someone is applying for a position. In a market where your business is competing with others for the best talent, your B2B website can tip the balance in your favor.

Websites can help retain existing customers – It’s expensive to provide support but your customers expect it, and in fact, support is a critical factor in the purchasing decision. A bad experience can impact your retention figures and impact new sales. Using online channels to provide support can be  cost effective and provide a great experience for your customers.


63% of B2B buyers don’t find the level of information on vendor websites helpful(source)

94%research online

94% of B2B buyers research online before making a purchasing decision(source)

83%go to vendor sites

83% of buyers visit vendor websites as part of their online research.(source)