Sales & Marketing Toolkit for Small Business & Startups

You can’t win in any market today without investing in a sales and marketing toolkit tool help your digital efforts. With my extensive experience in digital marketing and working in B2B businesses, I’ve narrowed down the tools and tech you need to build your sales & marketing toolkit. 

I want to register a business domain name (web address)

Your website address is your virtual address. It’s what everyone will type in to find your business. It needs to be memorable and related to your business. 

Register your business website addressVisit Namecheap

Namecheap for domain name registration

I register all my domains via Namecheap. Namecheap is very cost effective and any changes in settings are applied very quickly. To register a domain name for your new business I recommend Namecheap. I’ve also had no problems moving domain names in or out of Namecheap. 

I want to find out what people are searching for (keyword research)

B2B or B2C, customer research starts with a search. Use keyword research to find out what your potential customers are searching for on Google. 

Visit SEMRush

SEMRush for keyword research

SEMRush is fast becoming my keyword research tool of choice. There are plenty of options but I’m finding SEMRush to be the most reliable and they have a generous free trial for you to try. 

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I want a tool to build campaign landing pages (SaaS)

Building a website takes time. Give your business a web presence from day one with a landing page. You should have a landing page for all your campaigns. This massively improves conversions. You should also use landing pages for testing new messaging.  

uild campaign landing pages with clickfunnelsVisit ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels for landing pages on the cloud (SaaS)

Clickfunnels is a great product for building landing pages. I like Clickfunnels because it’s so easy to use and cheap to get started. I use Clickfunnels landing pages but I integrate it with another email service provider (below). This gives me the best landing page builder combined with the best email marketing tool. 

I want to  capture leads and start email marketing

Every business needs to use email marketing. Whether that is to nurture new prospects or reach your existing customers. If you work in B2B you’ll know the importance of building an email list. 

ActiveCampaign email marketing toolVisit ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign for email marketing & lead nurture

If you don’t want the complication of Eloqua or the price tag of Hubspot then ActiveCampaign is what you need. Active campaign is what I use for all my email activity. Beyond just sending our emails I can build automation sequences and trigger emails based on actions. 

I want business website hosting

You could use an agency to set up your website or it could be done in-house by you or your team. In either scenario, you’ll need a content management system (CMS).  A content management system helps you to manage your website.

Visit WP Engine

WP Engine for business grade website hosting

What makes WP Engine a great web host for businesses?  Your website needs to load quickly and it needs good uptime. WP Engine wins in both cases. What really gives WP Engine the edge for me is it’s list of corporate customers. For a relatively low cost you can enjoy the enterprise grade website reliability.

I want an easy way to build  and manage my website

You could use and agency to setup your website or it could be done inhouse by you or your team. In either scenario you’ll need a content management system (CMS).  A content management system helps you to manage your website.

Visit WordPress

Use WordPress as your CMS

When you need a CMS you need WordPress. WordPress runs 30% of all websites and has a 60% market share of the CMS market. It’s used by solo bloggers through to large corporates. Best of all it’s FREE if you go for the self hosted version.  

I want to chat with customers on my website Olark

Did you know you can talk to prospects who are visiting your website or they can initiate a chat session with you?  Live chat makes it easier for prospects to ask questions without filling in contact us forms. 

Oark for chatVisit Olark

Use Olark as your website chat tool

I really value being able to talk to customers. Although many will resist picking up the phone, most website visitors are happy to chat using a messenger service like Olark. I like Olark because the most valuable features such as automations are available in cheaper plans. Best of all there is a free plan to help you get started. 

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B2B digital marketing is your gateway to building awareness and generating demand for your business. These are the tools I use and can recommend to you.

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